Yekaterinburg Metro

The Metro Yekaterinburg (Russian Екатеринбургский Метрополитен ) is a metro network in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg. The Metro was opened on 26 April 1991 and currently consists of a line in a north-south direction with a total length of 12.7 km. At almost all stations, the tram Yekaterinburg enables the connection in east-west direction.


After the traffic in today 's fourth largest city in Russia increased more and more, the city council decided officially on August 28, 1980 for construction of a metro system. Construction work on this began in 1982. Due to many hydrological problems in the construction of the subway Kosmonawtow ( Проспект Космонавтов ) and Maschinostroitelei ( Машиностроителей ) was only on 27 April 1991 with three stations between the stations prospectus will be opened. Two years later, the three-station line ( Уральская ) was to stop the Ural extended, on 21 December 1994, two new stations came time to Dinamo ( Динамо ) and Ploshchad 1905 Goda ( Площадь 1905 года ). End of 2002 the line was extended to a further station Geologitscheskaja ( Геологическая ).

Due to the limited budgets of Russia metro subway construction in Yekaterinburg is slow. Especially since the reallocation of resources in favor of Kazan, which had to finish the 1000 anniversary of the city on 30 August 2005 its time underground, the subway construction in Yekaterinburg was considerably delayed. The terminus in the south, Botanitscheskaja ( Ботаническая ), was opened on 28 November 2011. The preceding that station Chkalovskaya ( Чкаловская ) was only afterwards, completed on 28 July 2012. The construction of further intermediate station, Baschowskaja ( Бажовская ), which should be between the stations Geologitscheskaja and Chkalovskaya, was initially set aside in favor of the commencement of the second track.

In the distant future, the metro network will be developed into a typical cities on the territory of the former Soviet Union Sekantensystem with three lines.

Expansion booth in 2014

The Metro Yekaterinburg is the end of March 2014 from a line of 12.7 km long with nine stations. The only depot of Metro is located north of the terminal leaflet Kosmonawtow. Every day, about 150,000 passengers used the Metro. In 2013, a total of 51.81 million passengers were transported.

In professional transport services, eight four- car trains in a four -minute intervals. The existing stations are designed for a future traffic with five- car trains. When the car is in the subway systems of Russia and other former Soviet republics widespread series 81-717/714. This ride on tracks the Russian broad gauge of 1520 millimeters. The trains are powered by a power rail ( 825 volts).

List of stations

The following table shows the stations are listed in the order of the course of single metro line from north to south.