Omsk Metro

The Metro Omsk (Russian Омский метрополитен; transcription Omskij Metropolitan ) is a is currently under construction Knitting underground network of Omsk transport operators in the Russian city of Omsk. It has already been planned for many years, but the construction of the first line is delayed again and again. The opening is planned for the celebrations of the 300th anniversary of the city of Omsk in 2016. It would be the second metro system in Siberia.


In 1992 was begun in the southeast of the Siberian city of millions with the construction of the metro. At first it was planned to link the factories in this district with the center. Meanwhile, the priority has been changed and you build on the section between the center and the residential areas to the northwest. The already completed construction on the southern part of line 2004 were preserved in order not to fall and to be completed in the long term.

The first visible result is the two-storey Metro bridge over the Irtysh. In the fall of 2005, the upper level was opened to traffic. When exactly the first subways Biblioteka imeni between Puschkina ( Библиотека имени Пушкина ) in the city center and Sobornaja ( Соборная ) will go, is not yet clear at the moment.

Stations ( gepl. )

  • Biblioteka imeni Puschkina ( Библиотека имени Пушкина )
  • Saretschnaja ( Заречная )
  • Crystal ( Кристалл )
  • Sobornaja ( Соборная )


In the distant future, the Metro network will have four lines. However, this is assessed as utopia in the current financial situation.