Krasnoyarsk Metro

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In Krasnoyarsk is built on a subway since 1993. It would be in addition to the currently in operation metro Novosibirsk and Omsk Metro also under construction, the third Siberian Metro. The metro will be built in civil engineering manner with tunneling.


The work focused 1994-2008 to the section Wysotnaja - Kopylova - Woksalnaja ( Высотная - Копылова - Вокзальная ), which is to connect the station to the northwest of the district. An additional two stations east of the station - Ploshchad Revolyutsii ( Площадь Революции ) and Prospekt Mira ( Проспект Мира ), both in the city center - has already started the construction work. Overall, only 3500 meters propulsion were in these years, however, achieved, including 3 kilometers of track tunnel.

For financial reasons, the works have been suspended since 2008, the site was preserved ( Wysotnaja - Kopylova - Woksalnaja ) or abandoned ( Ploshchad Revolyutsii - Prospekt Mira ). The Bauschächte can be seen in several places in the city, but in 2011 a considerable part of the surface facilities have been removed (including the station ).

The opening of the first section ( five kilometers ) was planned for 2002, the eastward expansion should follow in late 2003. Since the work rest for years, no statement about possible opening is possible. Occasional promise to continue the construction or funding from federal agents followed by mid-2013 no real work.

Stations ( gepl. )

  • Wysotnaja ( Высотная )
  • Kopylova ( Копылова )
  • Woksalnaja ( Вокзальная )
  • Ploshchad Revolyutsii ( Площадь Революции )
  • Prospekt Mira ( Проспект Мира )


Other plans are eight stations in the Northeast and one in the northwest, in the next few years can be realized in any way. A second and third line is planned, which will connect the residential areas south of the city with the center.