Davis Hanson Waite

Davis Hanson Waite ( born April 9, 1825 Jamestown, New York, † November 29, 1901 ) was an American politician ( Populist Party ) and from 1893 to 1895, the eighth Governor of the State of Colorado.

Early years and career

Davis Waite attended Jamestown Academy and studied law with his father. After moving to Wisconsin, he was elected in 1856 in the local parliament. After a few more moves he arrived in 1879 to Kansas, where he was also elected to the state legislature. In 1881 he settled in Aspen (Colorado), where he worked as a lawyer and the Populist Party joined. He was also editor of the newspaper " Union Era".

Governor of Colorado

In 1892 he was elected governor of his state, where he prevailed with 47:42 percent of the vote against Republican Joseph C. Helm. Waite took up his new post on January 10, 1893. During his two -year term came into Colorado women's suffrage into force. At that time there were also strikes in the railways and mining, with which the governor had to deal. In 1894, Waite applied unsuccessfully for reelection. Therefore, he had to give up his post on January 8, 1895.

Even after the end of his term Waite remained politically interested. He continued to support his party, the merged more and more with the Democratic Party during the late 1890s. Waite was still out a populist newspaper. He died in November 1901. Waite Davis was married twice and had five children.