Derek Sherinian

Derek Sherinian ( born August 25, 1966 in Laguna Beach, California) is an American keyboard player of Armenian descent. In appearance, he joined as a member of Dream Theater and Black Country Communion, the bands of Alice Cooper, Billy Idol, Yngwie Malmsteen and Joe Bonamassa as well as a studio musician for Kiss.


After Sherinian had learned to play the piano at the age of five years, he received a scholarship at the prestigious Jazz University School of Music of Berklee in Boston in the high school age. There he was able to make some important contacts, including to Will Calhoun, who was later involved in groups such as Living Colour and Megadeth, as well as the better known rock guitarist Al Pitrelli (including Savatage, Alice Cooper).

In our effort towards Pitrelli, who was producer of Alice Cooper at this time, Sherinian was in 1989 conveyed his band. This collaboration has more than 250 concerts went for the million-seller Trash out, later he was clamped for two new studio albums and held up next to it as a live and studio musician in the band Kiss.

In 1994 he was connected with the progressive metal band Dream Theater. Here he was on three albums (of which only a regular studio album, " Falling into Infinity", 1997, Eastwest Records) and two extensive world tours involved and was able to prove himself primarily through his play on the Hammond organ. 1999, the separation after the band had found in Jordan Rudess a successor, whose musical ideas for the future development of Dream Theater with those covered more of the other members.

From 2000, Sherinian released seven solo albums, composed of a number of senior rock musicians, including about Yngwie Malmsteen, Zakk Wylde, Steve Lukather, Simon Phillips, Slash, Billy Idol, John Petrucci and Tony Franklin. For single release in the Summertime with Sherinian, Slash, Billy Idol, Franklin and Brian Tichy, a cover version of the same piece of Mungo Jerry, a music video was produced.

Back in 2005, Sherinian had worked with Billy Idol for his comeback album Devil's Playground, in 2006 they produced then an album of Christmas carols, which was awarded the title Happy Holidays. For Idols last release so far, the best-of album Idolize Yourself, Sherinian wrote with Brian Tichy and idol the song John Wayne, he also played keyboards for the title of New Future Weapon. Both were released as bonus tracks on the album.

From his debut album, Planet X, which he had recorded with drummer Virgil Donati Australian, a progressive fusion band came out of the same name, on the addition of guitarist Tony MacAlpine was involved, but which is now folded. The latest album " Quantum " calls only Sherinian and Donati permanent members.

In 2010, Sherinian joined with Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham and Joe Bonamassa together to the group Black Country Communion; the jointly -produced album Black Country Communion released on 16 September 2010. Already in August 2010, the members of the group had begun with the songwriting for the next album, which they recorded in January and February 2011. It is titled 2 and was released on 10 June 2011., The third studio album " Afterglow " and a live CD released in 2012.

Sherinian operates a music studio called Leopard Room in Hollywood Hills.



With Billy Idol

  • 2005 - Devil's Playground
  • 2006 - Happy Holidays
  • 2008 - Idolize Yourself

With Kiss

With Alice Cooper

With Dream Theater

With Platypus

With Planet X

  • 2000 - Universe
  • 2002 - Live From Oz (live)
  • 2002 - Moonbabies
  • 2007 - Quantum

With Black Country Communion

  • 2010 - Black Country Communion
  • 2011-2
  • 2012 - Live Over Europe
  • 2012 - Afterglow

With All Too Human

Other projects