Devi (1960 film)

Devi ( Bengali: দেবী, Debi, translated: The Goddess ) is an Indian film by Satyajit Ray in 1960, he was based on the eponymous story by Prabhat Kumar Mukherjee from 1899. .


The film plot uses during Durga Puja and the sinking of a Durga statue. Right after that must Umaprasad his young wife Doya, with which he is already married for a few years, only to leave with his family in the countryside, as it must to college to Kolkata to take an exam. Doya devoted to her five- year-old nephew Khoka and her father Kalikinkar.

This appears in a dream one night fervently worshiped by him goddess Kali and mixes with the image of Doya. Driven by the conviction Doya was an incarnation of Kali, he throws himself at her feet and call it from now on only in allusion to the goddess " Mother". Doya is installed as a medium of morgend and evening worship; it sits where once stood the statue of Kali - house. During their consecration by a priest Doya is unconscious, what Kalinkar to the effect suggested they be caught in the state of samadhi ( spiritual trance ). Your sister in law Harasundari not believe the incarnation story, however, since it also has a subordinate role in the household of her father, do nothing.

A poor farm worker brings his sick son to the helpful blessings ( darshan ) to asked of " the mother ". More and more people in the neighborhood are added. Meanwhile Umaprasad comes home and meets as his look with the Doyas her a tear running down her cheek and she shakes her head carefully. Umaprasad introduces his father to task and is alienated from its superstitious idea. Meanwhile, the sick boy regains his health and his father Umaprasad has little to counter arguments because its logic has indeed come true apparently. Secretly observed Umaprasad nightly ritual.

At night he goes to Doya and asked her if she even believes it to be an incarnation of Kali. He makes her a proposal to flee together to Kolkata. As they leave, come Doya doubt whether they do the Mother Kali is not because they 've healed the child, and she turns around.

Thousands come now to Kalinkars house to worship Doya and to get her and the priestly blessing ( by administering Charanamrita ). Umaprasad fetches Council and is willing to fight for his wife and his marriage. When suddenly Khoka is sick, bring her brother Taraprasad whose wife Harasundari and Kalinkar him overnight to Doya. The boy dies.

The next day comes back Umaprasad and expects from his father. He accused him of having Khoka killed with his superstitions. When he meets Doya, she is insane.


Devi was released on 19 February 1960.

The film is a study of religious obsession and focuses on the idea of the old landowner Kalikinkar, his daughter was an incarnation of Goddess Kali. Alone in the sequence of events shows Satyajit Ray on the absurdity of this idea. The hindu critical work is Ray's argument against the destructive nature of religious fanaticism and superstition, depicts by Doya, piece by piece loses its sense of reality and their individuality. The film is a revealing insight into the religious passions of the Indian subcontinent.


  • 1961 National Film Award for Best Film