Donald O. Mitchell

Donald O. Mitchell is an American sound engineer who won the Oscar for best sound once.


Mitchell began his career as a sound engineer in the film industry in Hollywood in 1973 testing time and was involved in the production of almost 120 films.

For time of testing, he was first nominated along with Larry Jost at the Academy Awards in 1974 for the Oscar for best sound. This was followed by numerous other nominations for the Oscar in this category: 1977 Douglas O. Williams, Richard Tyler and Harold M. Etherington for Trans America Express (1976 ), 1981 with Bill Nicholson, David J. Kimball and Les Lazarowitz for How Raging Bull (1980 ) and 1984 with Rick Kline, Kevin O'Connell and James R. Alexander for Terms of Endearment (1983).

At the Academy Awards in 1986 he was nominated twice for the same Oscar for Best Sound: On the one hand with Kline, O'Connell and David M. Ronne for Silverado (1985 ), on the other hand with Michael Minkler, Gerry Humphreys and Christopher Newman for A Chorus Line (1985). Other Oscar nominations followed in 1987 with O'Connell, Kline and William B. Kaplan for Top Gun (1986 ) and 1990 with O'Connell, Greg P. Russell and Keith A. Wester for Black Rain.

At the Academy Awards in 1990, he also received the Oscar for best sound and indeed with Gregg Rudloff, Elliot Tyson and Russell Williams II for Glory ( 1989).

Other Oscar nominations in this category, he received in 1991 with Charles M. Wilborn, Rick Kline and Kevin O'Connell for Days of Thunder ( 1990) and 1993 Frank A. Montaño, Rick Hart and Scott D. Smith for Under Siege ( 1992).

For The Fugitive ( 1993) he was nominated in 1994 with Michael Herbick, Frank A. Montaño and Scott D. Smith for an Oscar, but at the same time won with John Leveque, Bruce Stambler, Becky Sullivan, Scott D. Smith, Michael and Frank Herbick A. Montaño 1994 prize for the best sound of the British Academy of Film and Television Arts ( BAFTA ) and with Herbick, Montaño and the Smith prize of the Guild of the sound engineer ( Cinema audio Society), the CAS award.

He received two nominations for The Cartel (1994 ): first in 1995 with Herbick, Montaño and Art Rochester for an Oscar, secondly with these and for the CAS Award for outstanding performance in sound.

Last Mitchell was nominated Frank A. Montaño, Michael Herbick and Petur Hliddal at the Oscar Awards 1996 for the Oscar for best sound and indeed for Batman Forever ( 1995).