Michael Minkler

Michael Minkler ( born May 14, 1952 in Los Angeles, California, USA) is an American sound engineer.


Michael Minkler comes from a family that has been working since the early days of sound film era as a sound engineer in the film. So his grandfather Darrell Minkler worked at the Vitaphone project from Warner Bros. and founded Radio Recorder, a company absorbed the songs of Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby and Tommy Dorset. Father Don Minkler began in the late 1940s, his film career and founded the Producers Sound Service 1964. Bob Minkler, Michael's uncle, won an Oscar in 1978. With Bob and another uncle, Lee, saw Michael Minkler 1983, a first in the history of the Oscars. For the first and only time three members of a family were nominated for an Oscar. Michael's son Christian is working as a sound engineer in the film.

After a four- year tenure at Warner Bros. Michael Minkler moved in 1980 to Lion's Gate Films of Robert Altman. There he took over the leadership and management of the Tonmischungsabteilung. 1984 Minkler be made ​​independently and then worked as a freelancer. In 1990 he helped establish the Skywalker Sound's Lantana facility. Then Minkler went to Todd-AO. There he works to this day.

Besides his work as a sound engineer Michael Minkler is a sought-after consultant. For Euphonix he helped with the development of digital sound mixing, which is standard today. Another development has been instrumental in the Minkler, is Penteo Surround, a technique for the processing of stereo music.


Michael Minkler has been nominated several times for film awards, and has been able to win several of these prices.


British Academy Film Award

CAS Award from the Cinema Audio Society


  • 2008: John Adams ( Episode Join or Die ) - Nomination
  • 2010: The Pacific - Nominations for part five, eight and nine, profit for part two

Motion pircture Sound Editor

Satellite Awards

  • 2004: Kill Bill - Volume 1 ( Kill Bill Vol 1) - Nomination
  • 2005: Collateral - profit
  • 2006: Dreamgirls - profit