Dreamgirls (film)

Dream Girls is an American film drama directed by Bill Condon from the year 2006. It is an adaptation of the eponymous 1981's Broadway musical by Henry Krieger and Tom Eyen. The movie musical contains four additional Warrior title.


Detroit in 1962., The girl group The Dreamettes consisting of Effie Melody White, Deena Jones and Lorrell Robinson, takes part in a local talent contest. The car salesman Curtis Taylor is the manager of the group and organized for the group a Chitlin 'Circuit Tour. First, the three start as background singers for James " Thunder" Early. They manage to be with a title number one in the hit parade Billboard Hot 100.

While Curtis and Effie have a relationship that goes Lorrell into an affair with the married James. As there are now renamed The Dreams Group of Jimmy Thunder separated and adopted a new image, Curtis Deena makes for a lead singer, because the television tribute needs to be paid and the audience to be addressed by the prettier and slimmer Deena. Effie is grudgingly small at - she sees herself in the right to have the better voice, but also want to go for. As Effie during the sample does not appear, it will be booted out on New Year's Eve. It is said that she had become too difficult and Curtis has already procured a substitute for Effie. Effie leaves Curtis and argued with the band and lives alone. You conceals Curtis that she is pregnant by him. The years go there and the huge success of the girls is to triumph Deena. She is a star and is now married to Curtis. After a long time - it is already the middle of the 70 - Deena finally breaks with her ​​husband because she finds it all just like exploits. The Dreams give a farewell concert in which Effie for reconciliation with occurs. In the audience sits her nine year old daughter and as they concurrently as Effie, Curtis understands who is the little girl.


  • The film is based on the story of the singing trio The Supremes, later also known as Diana Ross & the Supremes ( in the movie " Deena Jones and the Dreams" called ). The role of Diana Ross is played in the film by Beyoncé Knowles.
  • In the film, Curtis Taylor wants to conceive a boy, who is waiting for her outside the door during the Christmas Figure Deena Jones. This does not look random as young Michael Jackson, but alludes to the long-standing friendship between Diana Ross and Michael Jackson, just like Diana Ross with his band The Jackson 5 released his first albums with Motown.
  • The record company "Rainbow Records " depicted in the film has Motown as a model.
  • John Lithgow and John Krasinski have a guest appearance in the film as a film producer and screenwriter.
  • The film was shot in Los Angeles. His cost of production was estimated at 70 million U.S. dollars. The film grossed a worldwide about 146 million U.S. dollars.
  • The premiere was held in New York City and Los Angeles on December 15, 2006. The wide release in theaters in the USA began on December 25, 2006, the German theatrical release was on February 1, 2007.



James Berardinelli called the film on ReelViews as a " wonderful entertainment " and praised the " complex " characters. The film show the reality of the African-American musician from the perspective of the people involved. He was one of those films that would give the feeling, not just something to look at, but also to experience.

Kirk Honeycutt wrote in the Hollywood Reporter on 1 December 2006, which, based on a musical and " theatrical " acting film had " energy ", but no "heart." He disappoint the extent that the expectations would exceed the result. Honeycutt particularly strongly praised the presentation of the newcomer Jennifer Hudson, Jamie Foxx but make it appear as if he felt himself in the role of a villain not well. In addition, Honeycutt praised the cut and the camera work.

Mick LaSalle wrote in the San Francisco Chronicle of 15 December 2006 that he saw people for the first time, which would remain in the cinema during the end credits. The film reflects the stylistic and cultural changes of the 1960s and 1970s. LaSalle praised the representations of Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce Knowles.


The IMDb lists the film 27 film awards ( in over 40 categories ) and other 21- nominations ( in over 50 categories). A selection of them is listed here:

  • Best Supporting Actress - Jennifer Hudson
  • Best Sound - Michael Minkler, Bob Beemer and Willie D. Burton other nominations:
  • Best Supporting Actor - Eddie Murphy
  • Best Production Design - John Myhre and Nancy Haigh
  • Best Costume Design - Sharen Davis
  • Best Song "Listen" sung by Beyoncé Knowles
  • Best Song " Love You I Do" sung by Jennifer Hudson
  • Best Song " Patience " sung by Eddie Murphy, Anika Noni Rose and Keith Robinson
  • Best Motion Picture - Comedy or Musical
  • Best Supporting Actor - Eddie Murphy
  • Best Supporting Actress - Jennifer Hudson other nominations:
  • Best Actress - Musical or Comedy - Beyoncé Knowles
  • Best Original Song "Listen"
  • Best Supporting Actor - Eddie Murphy
  • Best Supporting Actress - Jennifer Hudson also nominated:
  • Best Acting Ensemble - Hinton Battle, Jamie Foxx, Danny Glover, Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce Knowles, Sharon Leal, Eddie Murphy, Keith Robinson and Anika Noni Rose
  • Best Supporting Actress - Jennifer Hudson also nominated:
  • Anthony Asquith Award for Film Music - Henry Krieger

The German Film and Media Review (FBW ) gave the film the title of " most valuable".

Home theater publications

  • DVD Release In Germany the film was released on 21 June 2007 on DVD. Unlike in some other countries, however, only a single disc with very little additional material ( extended scenes, music video) was placed on the market.
  • Blu -ray release Unlike the DVD, the Blu -ray version of the film as a special edition was released with two discs. In addition to the extras of the DVD This contains a number of featurettes, some in HD resolution. The publication coincided with other media on 21 June 2007.
  • HD DVD release Also on 21 June 2007 appeared a HD DVD edition. This includes how the Blu -ray discs and contains two identical extras. In contrast to the Blu -ray HD-DVD contains audio tracks in Dolby Digital Plus.