Erondegem is a borough of Erpe -Mere at the Molenbeek in Denderstreek in the Flanders region. It lies in the southeast of the province of East Flanders and belongs to Arrondissement Aalst. The borough is bordered by the boroughs Erpe and Ottergem and the municipalities of Sint -Lievens -Houtem ( borough Vlierzele ) and Lede ( borough Impe ). Erondegem has 1628 inhabitants ( 1 January 2003) and an area of 3.17 km ². The population density is 513 inh. / Km ².


Erondegem was first mentioned in a charter of 868 or 869. You wrote in the document of Eroldingeheim in pago Bragbattensi. The name comes from a person or Erold Erond. The "gem" refers to the home of this person. Therefore, " Erond his home " ( Erondheim → Erondegem ). At the beginning of the 19th century, the village had 837 inhabitants and 31 December 1893 had 963 inhabitants. The Erondegem had a football club KFC Olympic Erondegem in the Royal Belgian Football Association ( CBFA ).

Attractions and gallery

In Erondegem the Sint- Pieter band church. Erondegem belongs to the deanery of Lede.

The Church of Erondegem, rear view

The Church of Erondegem, Front View

The rectory of Erondegem

A farmhouse in Erondegem

Beginning of a built-up area in Erondegem

End of a closed town in Erondegem

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