Vlekkem is a borough of Erpe -Mere at the Molenbeek in Denderstreek in the Flanders region. It lies in the southeast of the province of East Flanders and belongs to Arrondissement Aalst. The borough is bounded by the hamlet Egem in the borough of Bambrugge, part of the municipality Ottergem and the municipalities of Sint -Lievens -Houtem ( borough Vlierzele and Zonnegem ). Vlekkem has 292 inhabitants ( 1 January 2003) and an area of 1.22 km ². The population density is 240 inh. / Km ².


The village Vlekkem was first mentioned in an official document in 1036. The Charter of the emperor Koenraad II, who recognized the St. Pietersabdij Abbey in Ghent and their possessions, they spoke of " et in terram et Bursinghem in Ottringhem et terram in Shallow ". In 1209 there was talk of Vleckem. The name is derived according to the opinion of the historian Föstermann of a personal name. Towards the end of the 18th century the number of Vlekkem 55 dwellings and 275 inhabitants.


In Vlekkem the Sint- Lambertus church. Vlekkem belongs to the deanery of Lede.

The chapel in the Keerstraat in Vlekkem

The statue of Christ in the Keerstraat in Vlekkem


By Vlekkem the Molenbeekroute runs. The Molenbeekroute is a bike path, best known are the mills of the community Erpe -Mere and two streams, both of which bear the name Molenbeek ( mill creek ).

End of a closed town in Vlekkem

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