Espace 2

Espace 2 is the cultural program of Radio Télévision Suisse, the public service broadcaster of French-speaking Switzerland. The station was founded in 1956 and has its headquarters in Lausanne. The motto of the program is: La vie côté culture (German Cultural side of life ).


The focus of the program focuses on classical music and jazz ( jazzz ), next to the world music, but there are also subtle magazines and discussions on current and produces historical themes ( Babylone ), as well as literary programs ( Entre les lignes ), the theater, the visual arts and the humanities. Espace 2 forms, in particular from the musical and artistic life of the Romandie and documented the work of Swiss artist and musician. To this end, the program works in the region with the most important cultural event.


It broadcasts terrestrially on VHF and DAB, but also via cable, satellite and the Internet, where a live stream and podcasts are available.