Radiotelevisione Svizzera

Radio Svizzera (Radio and Television of the Italian-speaking Switzerland, RSI (until February 2009: RTSI ) ) is a business unit of SRG SSR based in Lugano. General is since December 2006, Dino Balestra, Head Radio are Francesco Coluccia and Dino Balestra (ad interim, until 2013 was Maurizio Canetta second radio head ), head of television is Stefano Franchini. RSI in 2012 had a staff of 1,068 full-time positions. Operating expenses for the year 2012 amounted to 239.3 million Swiss francs.


RSI currently operates three radio and two television channels (as of the respective market shares is 2012):

  • Rete Uno is the most listened to radio program in Italian-speaking Switzerland. It is designed as a classic full program of broad strata of the population and is according to market research results also accordingly heard from almost all parts of the population. The market share is in Italian-speaking Switzerland at 47.2 %.
  • Rete Due is a cultural program and has a market share of 5.0 %.
  • Rete Tre is intended as a musical oriented program especially to younger listeners. The market share of 18.0 %.
  • RSI LA 1 is a full television program. The market share is 23.5 %.
  • RSI LA 2 brings mainly sports broadcasts with a market share of 8.2 %.


In Ticino and the Italian-speaking municipalities of Graubünden as well as adjacent parts of Italy all the radio programs of RSI can be received via VHF. Rete Uno will also broadcast in other parts of Switzerland via VHF, also the receiver via a medium- wave frequency is possible. LA 1 and LA 2 are broadcast in the Italian-speaking Switzerland via DVB -T, analogue broadcasting was set in 2006. In German-speaking Switzerland and French-speaking Switzerland alone LA 1 is to receive terrestrial Freeview. Between about 1990 and 2002, this program had already been broadcast almost everywhere north of the Alps via an analog transmitter chain.

All programs of LA 1 and LA 2 are broadcast in encrypted form via the Eutelsat Hotbird.