Swiss Info ( official spelling in lowercase) is a public news and information platform in Switzerland. It provides information on current issues and events in ten languages. Content are most notably information on Switzerland in the center. Top priority is given primary information from the fields of politics, economy, culture, science, education, and tourism. An important focus is accordingly on the international economic and cultural network of Switzerland.

Development of the company

Originally contributed SwissInfo the name of Swiss Radio International (SRI ), respectively Radio Switzerland International and was the corporate entity of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation SRG for abroad. It was founded in 1935 and had to promote the mission to inform the Swiss abroad about events in Switzerland and Switzerland's presence abroad. Originally radio programs on shortwave and later satellites have been sent. 1999, a first version of Swiss info on the internet has been published. End of October 2004 were broadcast as a result of austerity measures by the federal government last radio programs.

At the beginning of the page in the languages ​​German, French, English and Portuguese was launched. A year later the sides were followed by Japanese, Italian and Spanish, on 1 February 2001 those in Arabic and in September of the same year the page in Chinese. On 21 March 2005, the Board of Directors of SRG, SwissInfo decided massively reduce. This decision was not final, but had by the regulatory authority, the Federal Office of Communications ( OFCOM ), or Bundesrat, is yet to be confirmed. The intent of the SRG to reduce SwissInfo to a minimum, had triggered critical reactions among readers. The Foreign Affairs Committee of the National Council had spoken strongly against degradation by Swiss Info. According to the ideas of the SRG would in future only a reduced offer will be produced in English. The plan was to integrate this service with Swiss Radio SRF. In the national languages ​​only specific information for the Swiss abroad should be produced. The journalist would have been responsible for this offer, which would have been produced in a business unit of SRG. However, this effort could be averted. Swiss Info received in the summer of 2007 by the Federal Council a new contract.

From 1 January 2008, the doctorate in law, Peter Shibli was the successor of Christoph Heri -chief of Swiss Info. At the suggestion of the Committee of the Board of Directors of SRG Swiss Info elected on 22 October 2008 as the successor of Peter Shibli Beat Witschi the new director. New chief editor was from November 2008 Christophe Giovannini, former head of the English-speaking editors. Today, Swiss Info has around 150 employees from 11 countries.

Editorial Offer

To content, information on current issues and events in Switzerland in the form of text, image, audio and video clips in the center. First priority is given to primary and in-depth information from the fields of politics, economy, culture, science, education, and tourism. The editorial content exists in ten languages ​​( German, French, Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, since January 17, 2013, Russian), and international networking is promoted through blogs since 2007.

From March to October 2009 agriculture SwissInfo a Russian-language news site. The reason for the pilot offered the Ice Hockey World Championships in May 2009 and the state visit of Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in late September 2009 in Switzerland. Swiss Info reported 77,000 Russian-speaking readers to the Russian-language website, and an online survey gave very positive feedback. With the approval of the Federal Office of Communications SwissInfo want the Russian-language news website in 2010 permanently operate.

In addition, files and multimedia additions are offered on current issues. On SwissInfo also broadcasts information can be retrieved from Swiss Radio SRF and the Swiss television. For the Swiss Abroad there is a special area "Swiss Information for Swiss Abroad ". Here you will find information on upcoming votes and elections. The forum allows direct contact with each other.


The information can also be accessed from a mobile phone. The headlines service automatically updates the headlines of the front pages on a computer. In addition, they can be switched via newsfeed directly to other Internet sites. In addition, a weekly newsletter is sent out, which includes the most interesting articles. An extensive link collection for Switzerland is available on the website further, which may be particularly Swiss expatriates useful.