Franken field is a municipality in the Rethem / Aller district Heidekreis in Lower Saxony. Franken field is in terms of population, the smallest municipality in the district Heidekreis.

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The municipality is located in a Allerbogen along Route 157 between Rethem (Aller) and Ahlden (Aller). Several campsites are located in the municipal area. The Frankenfelder fracture is a state forest.

Community structure

To the municipality next to the village of Franconia field includes the districts Hedern and bosses.


History is the settlement of the estate Frankenfeld probably one of the oldest villages of the area. The resident family of Honstedt here is already known in 1360, while the settlement could have existed in the days of Charlemagne. - In the district bosses stranded 1917 Navy airship L 36 on the frozen all.


On March 1, 1974, the municipalities bosses and Hedern were incorporated.

Explanation of the name

Old names of the place are 1342 velde franck, franck velde 1342 and 1361 vrankenuelde. The name refers to a Frankish settlement from the time of Charlemagne. However, the local name refers more to the male name " Franco " so that Frankenfeld probably ' settlement of Franko "means.


Parish council

Since the local elections on 11 September 2011 to include all nine council members of the voter community.


Heiko Badenhop 's honorary mayor. Community director is Alexander von Seggern of the integrated municipality administration.