Buchholz, Soltau-Fallingbostel

Buchholz (Aller ) is a municipality in the district Schwarmstedt Heidekreis in Lower Saxony ( Germany ). The municipality has approximately 2.100 inhabitants and covers an area of ​​27.70 km ².

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Through the territory of the municipality, the Federal Highway 7 and State Road 214 ( B 214) pulls. On the northern outskirts of the village the Aller flows.

To the municipality next to the village Buchholz also includes the hamlet of Marklendorf.


On March 1, 1974, the municipality Marklendorf was incorporated.

The place Buchholz / Aller 2011 was district champion in the competition Our village has a future. Buchholz struck by an impressive economic development and design regulations which receives the open areas and meadows in the village, according to the citation. Was honored above all the great opportunities offered by the community for families: in providing low-cost urban land, in the many child care facilities, dam all-day activities in the school, as well as the many ( new ) Leisure and sports facilities, including by the new sports hall and community center. In addition, the community has been recognized for your commitment to new energy sources, because the motto for participation in the competition was, " Buchholz - With its own energy in the future." Besides Buchholz also Lindwedel 2011 was honored as district champion. Both places share the title.


The Council of the Municipality Buchholz ( Aller) is made up of 13 council women and councilors.

Status: local elections on 11 September 2011

Since 9 November 2011, Torsten Grünhagen Mayor of Buchholz ( Aller).

Coat of arms

Argent, two outward -turned green beech leaves on a blue wave beams.

The coat of arms is the name of the community Buchholz (Aller) " talking " again and symbolizes both its location on the river Aller, which is represented by the wave beam. Today's community Buchholz (Aller) consists of two parts of the municipality, Buchholz and Marklendorf, both of which are equally represented by one paper sheet. Probably also in the place names of Marklendorf the Referenced to a wood, viz. Occurring in the earlier spellings syllable "la" or " tan " which means as much as " bright wood "

Culture and sights

In Buchholz and Marklendorf are numerous clubs and organizations. The biggest club in the community is the SVN Buchholz ( Lower Saxony Buchholz Sports Club 1921 eV ). He has a private clubhouse and the Karl Frewert Square on Miihlenweg in Buchholz. The association provides an offer in the fields of football, badminton, gymnastics, volleyball and tennis.

The shooting club Buchholz was founded in 1910. It celebrated its 100th anniversary on May 29 and 30, 2010. The gun club has its own clubhouse in Buchholz in the street " at the station ".

The Buchholz Volunteer Fire Department, alongside its mandatory task even at local events and village festivals.

The parents and Sponsors elementary school Buchholz support the educational work of the primary school with its own activities and financial support. The youngest club in the community is the club forest kindergarten Buchholz.

In Marklendorf there is a shooting club Marklendorf 1908 eV, the volunteer fire department, the broom makers guild and the rafters club. In a joint action built the Markl villages " Am Schützenplatz " a new village hall, in which the shooting club and the volunteer fire department are located. This was completed in summer 2011. No club, but a guild are the Markl villages Besenbinder who maintain the old crafts and customs of the broom binding. The rafters club Marklendorf constructs its own work rafts for the trip on the Aller, some of which are also used for tourism purposes.

In autumn 2010, a new community center opposite the school Buchholz has been opened, which can also be used as a sports hall. The Community House met numerous tasks. It allows school sports on the school book Holzer, offers numerous recreational sports, has rooms for the village community, allows the canteen operating on the Buchholz primary school, has a youth room and houses the book Holzer Volunteer Fire Department.

Economy and infrastructure


Especially in recent years, several companies have settled in beech wood has its own industrial area right next to the busy motorway 7 and the federal highway 214. The largest settlement in recent years has been the establishment of a wholesale bakery with 80 employees.

New Energies

The community Buchholz is in the region pioneered the use of new energy sources. About 50 million euros were invested in 2009 in the wind farm, which is located outside the local situation of Buchholz and Marklendorf. The installed capacity there is enough to 22,000 households, or around. 35,000 people to provide them with an environmentally friendly electricity. Hydropower comes in the community to use. In hydroelectric power plant Marklendorf the hydroelectric power plant produces annually around with his three Francis turbines diagonal. 3 million kilowatt hours of electricity. When the supply of the municipal building, the church uses new techniques. A new wood chip heating plant is municipal buildings, such as multi -purpose hall, school and kindergarten heat. In this case, the energy carrier mainly locally available wood residues used. Roofs of the new multi-purpose hall will also be provided for use of solar energy, the marketing should be done by an energy cooperative.

Public institutions

The municipality has with the " Heinz- Heyder - school" in beech wood with its own primary school, which is their work in full-time education pioneer. Further training opportunities, including Gymnasium bid through high school and are located in Schwarmstedt.

Also on-site is the kindergarten beech wood with a large morning, afternoon and all-day activities. For children under three years, the community Buchholz (Aller) built in 2011, own crib, which joins in space to the existing kindergarten building. Thus, there is an on-site care services for all ages. Also for children with special needs, the offer was extended. Since autumn 2011, the carrying Holzer Kindergarten is a kindergarten integration with an integration group, which is particularly in demand because of the good care key. Another kindergarten offer in Buchholz provides the forest kindergarten, which is operated by the Association of Forest Children eV and is enjoying increasing popularity.


  • Autobahn: A 7 ( European north -south main link )
  • Federal Roads: B 214
  • By train: regional railway Hanover - Hamburg railway station in neighboring Schwarmstedt (full operation), over Hanover Central connection to all major European lines


  • Hans Herzberg (1917-2014), former head of the Army Band 1 and co-founder of sponsorship between the Army Band 1 and the community Buchholz (Aller).