Eickeloh is a municipality in the district Heidekreis in Lower Saxony.

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Eickeloh between Walsrode and Hanover, where Aller and Leine rivers unite. The community belongs to the Samtgemeinde Ahlden, which has its administrative headquarters in Hagen testicles. Eickeloh lies in the north German plain, in the foothills of the Lüneburg Heath.

The municipality is divided into the old, original village and the resulting mainly after the Second World War, new parts of the village.


The village was first mentioned as eCLO in a document of the monastery Walsrode in 1237. West of the town in the valley of the Aller is the castle site of the castle was built around 1200 Blankenhagen, are available from the two castle hill.

The Reformation was probably introduced as early as 1530 by Walsrode. First Lutheran pastor was Henry Veltmann.


Since the last municipal election in September 2011, the municipal council of Eickeloh is composed of six representatives of the CDU and three representatives of the SPD.


Honorary Mayor Joachim Schoth ( CDU).

Culture and sights


The old church " to Holy Cross ", a Gothic brick building dates back to 1296th It retained its function as a church until 1868. This year it was purchased by the family Hodenberg and converted as grave lay. In the 1990s it was extensively restored and renovated. It has since been used as a church again and it will take place during the warm season, summer devotions in it.

1866-1868 built the church a new building in neo-Gothic forms after a design by Conrad Wilhelm Hase.

Greed cable ferry

Since the Aller a new riverbed continues to research east in the 17th century, the boundaries of the municipality Eickeloh has since been cut by the river. This was agricultural land, particularly grassland and some arable land, separated from the village. Then, a ferry service was established. The ferry in its present form is located since 1928 in operation and works on the principle of greed rope. To this end, a rope over the Aller is stretched. The maintenance, operation, and the necessary maintenance is carried out by farmers and residents from Eickeloh, the ferrymen. On certain days in the year and after registration crossings are possible.


War memorial


Economy and infrastructure


The A7 motorway leads in around five kilometers east past the church. The nearest interchanges are in Buchholz (Aller ) ( about eleven km) west and wood ( approximately twelve km). The shortest access and exit via the Service Area Allertal East or West. By Eickeloh leads the L 190 Eickeloh is located on the Heidebahn. However, at the tram stop point since 2010 no more moves, but drive without stopping by.