Hademstorf is a municipality in the district Heidekreis in Lower Saxony. It belongs to the Samtgemeinde Ahlden, which has its headquarters in the town of Hagen testicles.


Hademstorf between Walsrode and Hanover east of Aller.


The honorary mayor Ulrike Wiechmann Wrede was elected on 9 September 2001.

Economy and infrastructure

The Federal Highway 7 lies to the east of the church. The nearest connection point in Buchholz (Aller ) in about 8 km away. Hademstorf is located on the Heidebahn. However, at the tram stop point since 2010 no more moves, but drive without stopping by.

An event hall for up to 300 people, named after the former mayor Eberhard Schwarz, the population is, in particular as an event space for activities of the village community. Eberhard Black Hademstorf Hall was built in the years 1985-1986.

In kindergarten Hademstorf total of 25 courses are offered in a morning group. The care in the groups takes place Monday through Friday, 8 to 12 clock. In addition, a breakfast service in the from 7.30 bis 8.00 clock clock and a late Service 12.00 clock bis 12.30 clock is offered.

The -municipal cemetery is located on the northern outskirts of Hademstorf in a small forest. It was created in 1965 and has 586 grave sites.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Heinrich Thies (* 1953), German journalist and writer