Gilten, Germany

Gilten is a municipality in the Aller- Leine-Tal in the integrated municipality in the district of Schwarmstedt Heidekreis in Lower Saxony.

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The municipality covers an area of ​​33.37 square kilometers. Through the municipal area the highway runs 214 northeast of the community the line flows into the Aller. The municipality Gilten still belong next to the homonymous village hamlets Esch Worth, Grewiede, hooves, Nienhagen, Norddrebber and Suderbruch.


Gilten was first mentioned in 1242. The place and thus the parish belonged to the diocese of Minden. During the 14th century a part of the parish to the monastery Walsrode was given away. Beginning of the 20th century, the railway line from Verden was built by Schwarmstedt, it was decommissioned in 1988. Between 1911 and 1928, potash was mined in Gilten. In 1848, there were 43 home sites in the city and three courtyards diet enabled. After the Second World War Gilten increased to about 400 residents. The community had about 1,150 inhabitants in 2004.


On March 1, 1974, the municipalities Nienhagen, Norddrebber and Suderbruch were incorporated.


Parish council

  • Christian Democratic Union of Germany | CDU - 4 seats
  • Citizens list Gilten - 7 seats
  • Mayor: Erich Lohse citizens list

Culture and sights


St. Pauli Church in Gilten

The municipality has some listed buildings that are listed in the list of monuments in Gilten. The most important:

  • The oldest part of St. Pauli Church in Gilten ( Schwarmstedt ) was erected in 1450. Until 1775, the church served the Lords of Gilten as Erbbegräbnisstätte. The church has a Gothic sacristy of 1480 and a choir of 1595th The half-timbered nave is of 1766th The tower consists of bog iron.
  • St. Catherine's Church in Suderbruch of 1851


  • SSV Nienhagen - Gilten (2013 40 year anniversary )
  • Volunteer Fire Gilten (2010 50th Anniversary )
  • MGV Gilten (2013 125 year anniversary )
  • Shooting club Gilten (2012 100 -year anniversary )
  • Posaunenchor Gilten
  • Church choir Gilten