Grethem is a municipality in the district Heidekreis in Lower Saxony. It belongs to the Samtgemeinde Ahlden, which has its headquarters in the town of Hagen testicles.

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Grethem lies west between Walsrode and Hanover all. To Grethem the area belongs Büchten.


Around half a kilometer north-east of Grethem the castle was Blankenhagen from the period around 1200, of the two shrub-covered mounds are visible today. It was a lowland castle, the remains of which can be found on a dirt road near the present greed rope ferry across the Aller.


On March 1, 1974, the municipality Büchten was incorporated.



The honorary mayor Udo Schoenberg was elected on 9 September 2001.

Coat of arms

" Quartered shield, Field 1: In a Red Silver trotting horse, field 2: In silver blue berries on green leaves, Field 3: Argent, a black Bergmannsgezähe, Field 4: Blue three inclined left golden beams. " Blazon

The coat of arms was designed by Jörg Kommunalheraldiker Mantzsch 2009.

Economy and infrastructure


The Federal Highway 7 lies to the east of the church. The nearest connection point in Buchholz (Aller) in about 13 km distance.