Hodenhagen is a municipality in the district Heidekreis in Lower Saxony.


Hodenhagen is located on the River Aller in the Aller-Leine Valley. Neighboring municipalities are Walsrode, Eickeloh, Grethem, Ahlden and Boehme.


The aristocratic dynasty of Hodenberg had its headquarters in the castle Hodenhagen, which was first mentioned in records in 1244. She was about 1 km east of the present village in uninhabited regions on an important river crossing on the Meiss. The castle was razed in hostilities already in 1289. Reminded been served on the former site of a memorial stone from the year 1856. Consequently moved the lords based further to the west in the area now called Hudemühlen and so were the origins of the present-day village Hodenhagen. Probably built by the testicles Hagen initially only a yard with sturdy components. 1448 Hudemühlen is mentioned as a castle, according to the maps in the 17th century had Umwallungen. In the 16th century the castle into the magnificent Renaissance castle, however, half-timbered building was converted. It consisted of three main buildings and a farm building. In addition, it had a round and a square tower. Beginning of the 19th century the castle was removed by demolition.

Which belongs to the municipality Samtgemeinde Ahlden Hodenhagen is relatively young, it was founded on October 1, 1936, the merger of the municipalities Riethagen, Hudemühlen Castle and Hudemühlen stains. The districts themselves are much older, the first documentary mention of the settlements Riethagen and Hudemühlen dates from the year 1330. Formed in 1936 for the congregation of the historical name of the race was chosen by their testicles Hagen.

Culture and sights

The Protestant St. Thomas and Mary Church was built in 1768. The vaulted choir dates from the year 1424.

On the outskirts of testicular Hagen is the Serengeti Park. Every year takes place the celebration in Brink Hodenhagen; an event, the visitors from the entire county Heidekreis invites you to celebrate together in August on the third Saturday.

According to legend, played in the years 1584-1588 the goblin Hinzelmann on the castle Hudemühlen the residents and guests all sorts of pranks.

Entrance of the Serengeti park

Monument to the castle Hodenhagen

Economy and infrastructure

Hodenhagen has at the same time connecting to the A7 (exit west wood) and on the railway line Buchholz - Hanover ( Heidebahn ). To the east of the airfield testes testicles Hagen Hagen ( EDVH ) is in use by recreational flying.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Bodo von Hodenberg (1604 - 1650), civil servant and poet
  • Reinhard von Adelebsen (1826 - 1883), member of the Reichstag from Hudemühlen
  • Bodo von Hodenberg (1826 - 1907), politician and publicist, Hanoverian Minister of State