Gefle IF

Gefle IF, actually Gefle Idrottsförening ( German: Gefle Sports Association ) is a Swedish sports club from Gävle. The club is best known for its football team, which plays in the highest Swedish league, Allsvenskan.


The club was founded in 1882 as Gefle Sportklubb with the departments skiing, skating, rowing and ball game. Approximately one and a half months later, the club name was changed to Gefle IF.


Already in the early years of the football team Gefle IF made ​​national attention, as they could multiply the Rosenska cups, one donated by Clarence von Rosen cup competition win. The team beat 1899 and 1900 the Stockholm club AIK, 1902 won the team against Djurgårdens IF. Also in 1901 was Gefle IF in the final, the game ended that with a 1-1 draw and since it is not an extension was then a replay, the Cup is no association this year went on.

In the 1930s, followed by the next successful period of the club, as the team under coach Thure Svensson, former Swedish national team in 1933 after successes in the rise of games against IFK Norrköping could ascend in the Allsvenskan for the first time. After two seasons - including, in the first year of the club from exclusion from Malmö FF benefited - they, however, had to descend again. In the following years, kept the club in the second division before followed by the descent into the low ranks of the crash, which until 1953 led the team in the fourth division.

The first half of the 1960s was again marked by success: 1961 Gefle IF returned back to the third division and was only two years later to celebrate the return to the second division. After the obligation Sigvard Parlings the Movers finished second in the season 1964 in the Division 2 Norrland fourth place, in the wake season came with twelve wins in 18 games of the season victory. In the promotion round the team failed winless as Table behind the two climbers GAIS and IK Brage and Grimsås IF. Since after the missed rise several players left the club, there was a break that led to the renewed decline in the third league already in the subsequent season.

After several years in the lower leagues to Gefle IF closed after the end of the season 1978 Brynäs IF a game community together and performed under the name Gefle IF / Brynäs in the third division of. Without defeat the team in 1979 won the championship in Division 3 Södra Norrland and after the name was again reduced to Gefle IF, they reached the play-offs for the 1982 Allsvenskan. After two victories over Kalmar FF is Gefle IF announced after nearly fifty years of interruption in the excellence back, again took the stay only two years since the team during the season in 1984 due to goal difference compared to the same number of points Östers IF and IF Elfsborg recent standings occupied.

In the years after the descent Gefle IF commuted between second and third level of play. 1999 missed the team on the merger of two second division seasons for new Superettan in the playoffs after a goalless draw away and a 2-2 draw in its own place on away goals against FC Café Opera qualification. The season was dominated in the third division and after two victories against IF Brommapojkarna the team reached the second division. There she played directly to the ascent, which was just missed in 2001 than in fourth. After two years in the middle of the league succeeded in the 2004 BK Hacken behind the runner, which meant the renewed rise in the Allsvenskan.

In the Erstligaspielzeit 2005 Gefle IF fought to avoid relegation, which was accomplished as Tabellenelfter. Due to the Fair Play ranking of UEFA, which led Sweden as the winner, took the team in the season 2006/ 07 but for the first time in the UEFA Cup in part. There, however, she left after a home defeat and a draw against the Welsh representatives Llanelli AFC already in the first qualifying round. In the following years the club took courses in the second half of the table, but could in contrast to the previous Erstligaaufenthalten long time keep the class.

In the summer of 2010, Gefle IF qualified as winners of the Fair Play rankings in the 2009 again for the European Cup.


Already in the early years of the club he made several outstanding athletes. In addition to multiple Swedish masters belonged to Joseph Ternström a gold medal winner at the Olympic Summer Games, the association at. At the Olympic Games in Stockholm in 1912 he succeeded with the team in Cross Country Running the Olympic victory, also succeeded him in 1914 as the first man on an Obstacle Course less than ten minutes to stay. Later arrive club members as Ingvar Bengtsson, Henry Eriksson, Gunder Hägg or Claes cream national and international success.


The Hockey section of the club participated in the 1945 season at the time still in the Cup mode discharged Swedish Championship.