UEFA Respect Fair Play ranking

The fair play rating is an existing since 1995 special assessment system after the UEFA start places awarded to the fairest country's Confederations of Europe in the first qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League.

Rating scheme

All the games, hosting the teams of an association in to UEFA competitions are assessed. These are European Cup games of the men's and women's club teams and matches in UEFA competitions. The rating period each goes from 1 May to 30 April.

The evaluation of a game is carried out separately for each team according to a fixed scheme, which are valued according to the following criteria:

  • Red and yellow cards: 10 points minus 1 each yellow and red card 3 each. If a player is cautioned with yellow / red, so this costs 3 points. If a player who has already had yellow, a red - worthy offense, the deduction of 4 points. Negative values ​​are explicitly permitted.
  • Positive play: 1 to 10 points
  • Respect for the opponent: 1-5 points
  • Respect for the officials ( referees and linesmen ): 1-5 points
  • Behaviour of the team officials: 1 to 5 points
  • Behaviour of the crowd (not applicable for low audience numbers of the team): 1-5 points

The total score is divided by the respective maximum possible (40 or 35) points, multiplied by 10 and the result is truncated after the third decimal place. Thus, the highest possible value for a game 10,000.

The rating results are summed across all games of a state association and formed the average of it.

Determination of the victorious nations

In the first qualifying round of the UEFA Cup winners of the three associations of fair play rankings were reserved per a starting place for everyone. Even after renaming the UEFA Europa League this regulation remained.

To determine the winner Nations only associations are taken into account, at least have a fair play coefficient of 8 and have additionally have a certain minimum number of games in UEFA competitions. This is obtained by dividing by the number of participating organizations from the total number of all assessed in the past rating period games. In the season 2011/2012, the minimum number was 35 rated games. Completing less than three associations of these criteria, the remaining places that will not be forgiven.

Only that the remaining countries, which had the highest coefficient, the launch site was certainly before 2009; the winners of the second and third grid position were determined from all the associations reached the limit of 8 points and the minimum number of games by a lot.

Since 2009, winning three of the remaining associations that have the highest Fair Play coefficients starting places. In several nations of a tie, the winner will be decided.

Allocation of starting positions to clubs

What specific clubs get the starting places, the winning organizations decide autonomously. The only condition is that the club has participated in the top domestic league championship last season; Relegated from this division are therefore permitted.

For the allocation of places at a club leads every member association since 1999, a national fair-play standings. The best club in the standings, could not in any other way for the European Cup qualify to take the higher place.

Before the introduction of the national fair-play ratings, in the period from 1995 to 1998, the victorious nations were awarded their seats arbitrarily to a club.

Germany in the Fair Play ranking

In Germany, the national Fair Play ranking of the DFL is created according to the criteria mentioned above. The latter five points are evaluated by the DFB referee manager. It is published but only the " sinners table" of yellow and red cards. The detailed reviews of the games and the resulting coefficient values ​​of the clubs, however, remain under wraps.

In 2005 was awarded with the 1st FSV Mainz 05 for the first time a German team about fair play rankings permission to participate in the qualifying round of the UEFA Cup. As a fifth in the Fair Play ranking the DFB a starting place was awarded by lottery. Mainz won the starting place, although Hannover 96 and Arminia Bielefeld were better placed in the sinner Table of yellow and red cards. In 2008, a German club was the second time randomly assigned a starting place and Hertha BSC went to qualify for the UEFA Cup. Both clubs through the qualifying rounds and each reached the main competition.

The German representative in the Fair Play ranking in 2002 (Borussia Mönchengladbach ), 2004 (SC Freiburg ) and 2006 (Borussia Dortmund) had no luck of the draw. 2007, Germany was also randomly assigned no other launch site. After the lottery, the already qualified for the UEFA Cup FC Bayern Munich has been named the winner of the national Fair Play ranking.

In the remaining years, Germany was due to a too low coefficient not represented by a UEFA Cup starting place in the draw.

Winner of the Fair Play ranking


Clubs who received prior to 1999, ie not through a national fair - play competition, the starting positions are highlighted in red.

Since 2009 (not draw)

Overall ranking of the winners boards