Golestan Province

Golestan ( Ostan -e Golestan, Persian استان گلستان, Gülüstan Azerbaijani, Kurdish Gulistan ) is a province located in the north of Iran on the southeast coast of the Caspian Sea. Its capital is Gorgan ( گرگان ). Golestan means " rose garden ".

In the province of 1,617,087 people ( 2006 census ). The province covers 20,195 square kilometers and has a population density of 80 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Until 1997 it belonged to the province of Mazandaran. Besides Persians also Azeris, Kurds and Turkmens living in the province.

The largest cities

( VZ = Census )

Source: Statistical Centre of Iran

The city of Gorgan was called until 1937 Esteraba or Astarabad.

Administrative divisions

The Golestan province is divided into six districts.


Cotton, caviar, rice and grains

Golestan National Park

From ecological importance for Iran is the Golestan National Park. It is the oldest Iranian National Park, the former of two separate protected areas (1957 ) was. In 1976, the Protected Areas and Almeh Yashki were a national park today summarized size ( 91 890 ha). Through the park of the Asian Highway, which led to considerations of the restructuring of the road network in the National Park, but they were not enforced. An intersection of the park leads to the disruption of the ecological balance. In addition to a rich flora of the national park is home to over 150 species of birds, including the rare bearded vulture. It should be meeting end mammals in Golestan National Park are other brown bears, leopards, jackals and various ungulates ( wild boar, deer, gazelles ). An extremely rare subspecies of the cheetah is to be found here in very small populations, while the formerly based in the province of Golestan subspecies of tiger ( Caspian Tiger) here (like most ) is extinct. The Golestan National Park is to be incorporated in addition to ecological well as cultural and tourist attraction and there are efforts that park in the World Heritage List. On the Tentative List of UNESCO, the park is already being made.