Hamadan Province

Hamadan (Persian استان همدان Ostān Hamadān ) is a province in northwestern Iran. The capital is also called Hamadan.

In the province of 1,703,267 people ( 2006 census ). The area of ​​the province covers 19,368 square kilometers. The population density is 88 inhabitants per square kilometer.


Hamadan is located in the northwestern part of Iran. Besides the city of Hamadan are the towns Twiserkan, Nahavad, Malayer, Assad Abad, Bahar, Razan and Kabudrahang in the province.

The population is made up of various ethnic groups, including Kurds, Lurs, Persians and Azeris.

Administrative divisions

Listed are the counties with area and population ( Census 1996):


In New Assyrian times Hamadan belonged to the Kingdom of Mannaeans. The capital of the Medes, Ecbatana is located near the modern Hamadan. After the Medes and Persians ruled the Macedonians Hamadan. After the establishment of the Parthian Empire, the city became the summer residence of the Parthian kings. The Sassanids used the city as a residence. In the year 642 the decisive battle between the Sassanids and the invading Arabs took place at Nehawend. With the defeat of the Sassanids Islamization of Iran began.

After the Arab caliphs Bujiden dominated this area. In the 11th century, the Seljuks Hamadan made ​​instead of Baghdad as their capital. Hamadan was destroyed under Timur Lenk. As the Safawidenreich was established, the region experienced a boom. The Ottomans, the eternal rivals of the Safavids, conquered in the 18th century the area. However, they had to retreat again after a defeat against Nadir Shah. Since then, Hamadan remained in possession of the Persians. Importance was the region also by their position on the Silk Road.


The Iranian Cultural Heritage Organization ( ICHO ) recorded in the province of 442 places of historical and cultural importance. Among other places, these include the following:

  • Grave of the poet Baba Taher
  • Ganj Nameh inscriptions of Darius I "the Great" and Xerxes I.
  • Grave of Esther and Mordechai
  • Ali Sadr Cave ( Ardeles )
  • Grave of Avicenna
  • Ganj Nameh Waterfall in
  • Stone Lion of Hamadan
  • Qorban - building
  • Grave of Alavian
  • Eram Park
  • Ecbatana, the capital of Mederreiches
  • Imam ( Pahlavi ) Square
  • Alvand mountains
  • Grand Bazaar of Mozafarieh


  • Bu - Ali Sina University
  • University of Medical Sciences of Hamedan
  • Islamic Azad University of Hamedan
  • Payam Noor University of Hamedan
  • Hamedan University of Technology
  • Payam Noor University of Bahar
  • Payam Noor University of Kabootar Ahang
  • Payam Noor University of Malayer
  • Payam Noor University of Toyserkan
  • Islamic Azad University of Toyserkan
  • Islamic Azad University of Malayer
  • Payam Noor University of Razan