Ardabil Province

Ardabil (Persian استان اردبيل, pronunciation: / ærdæbi ː l /, Azerbaijani Ərdəbil ) is one of the 31 provinces of Iran. Capital is the city of Ardabil.

In the province of 1,225,348 people ( 2006 census ) in an area of ​​17,800 square kilometers; this corresponds to a population density of 69 inhabitants per square kilometer.


The province is located in the northwest of the country on the border with the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Caspian Sea. Temperatures are rising in summer to a maximum of 35 degrees Celsius in winter and fall to minus 25 degrees Celsius. In Ardabil is the Sabalan, with 4,811 m the third highest mountain and the second highest volcano in the country.


The majority represent by far the Azerbaijanis. Majority language is related to Turkish, Azerbaijani with the language. Long live the Talishen in the province.


Until 1993 it belonged to the neighboring province of East Azerbaijan.

Administrative divisions

Ardabil is divided into nine districts:

  • Ardabil
  • Bilehsavar
  • Garmi
  • Khalkhal
  • Kowsar
  • Meschkinschahr
  • Namin
  • Neer
  • Parsabad


  • Sheikh Safi Mosque
  • Mineral water sources of Beele - Dara, Sareyn, Sardabeh and Buschlu
  • Lakes Ne'or, Schurabil, SchurGel, NouSchahr and Alucheh with numerous rare water birds
  • Thermal springs of Moiel, Eelando and Qaynarja
  • Qara Su River and the surrounding area
  • Removes water sources of Qotur Suie, 42 kilometers from Meshkin Shahr
  • Old Castle Meshkin Shahr
  • Removed Qahqaheh Castle, 80 kilometers from Meshkin Shahr
  • Deev - Qalasi (castle of the Giant ) in Kavij
  • Petro graph ( carved in stone cuneiform ) of damage Pour Sasani in Meshkin Shahr
  • Old cemetery in Oonar
  • Grave of Sheikh Haydar in Meshkin Shahr
  • Imamzadeh Seyyed Soleyman ( grave of a saint )
  • Ardabil Museum


  • Ardabil University of Medical Sciences
  • Mohaghegh Ardabili University
  • Islamic Azad University of Ardabil
  • Payam Noor University of Ardabil
  • Soureh University of Ardabil
  • Islamic Azad University of Khalkhal