GUCCI is an internationally known Italian fashion brand for women's and men's clothing and accessories in the upper price segment with worldwide retail stores. The Gucci brand or the Guccio Gucci SpA is part of Gucci Group NV, in which more luxury brands are represented and which is wholly owned by the French luxury goods group PPR / Kering since 2004.


The company in 1921 by master saddler Guccio Gucci was founded as a small workshop for leather goods and luggage in Florence. After the opening of new branches in Italy, launched Gucci 1947 - really as a last resort due to scarcity of resources - a handbag with bamboo handle (Bamboo Bag), which is a bestseller today. The company set out, inter alia, with fine leather goods and luxury handbags - often inspired in design by Equestrian Sports - a name.

In the years after the death of the founder in 1953, the brand enjoyed great success and expanded worldwide. Mid-1960 the first time the well-known symbol of the two interconnected stirrup or the intertwined "G" ( for Guccio Gucci ) was used. In the 1970s, a clothing line was established, the first fashion show took place in 1981. Due to severe internal disputes ownership of the founding family, however, followed in the 80s, a decline in the company, which led to a 50% sale to the U.S. -Arab investment company " Investcorp International " from Bahrain in 1989. At the same time the American Bergdorf Goodman colettes'chief purchaser Dawn Mello was appointed as the first non- member of the Gucci family to chief designer. The grandson of the founder, Maurizio Gucci, sold in 1993, after he had paid the other heirs, the remaining 50 % of the company to Investcorp and came in 1995 when an assassination attempt killed, for which his ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani was blamed later. The end of 1995, the now detached from the family company Gucci went to New York, Amsterdam and London Stock Exchange ( SEAQ ). In 1998 the company moved to London. After a discharged between 1999 and 2002 in court over battle with LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton Gucci since 2004 almost entirely ( 99.4 %) belongs to the luxury goods group PPR SA (formerly Pinault -Printemps -Redoute S. A. ), Paris. This built the label into the newly created luxury division Gucci Group, in which more luxury brands are bundled. In mid-2004 according to which the Listing of Gucci permanently set. After the reorganization, a period of growth followed. 2010, the operational headquarters from London to Cadempino was transferred to Switzerland. The 90th anniversary of the Gucci Group Museum called the fall of 2011 in Florence from life that now houses renowned art exhibitions.

The label Gucci

To coveted luxury label, the Gucci brand was again until the mid- 1990s, when the since 1990 working as a womenswear designer at Gucci and in 1994 appointed as the successor of Dawn Mello American designer Tom Ford, who from 1999 on the prêt-à -porter lines of Yves Saint -Laurent designed, has received international recognition for his work at Gucci. Ford left Gucci after 13 years in November 2003. His successor at Gucci came his longtime collaborator Alessandra Facchinetti ( women's fashion ), Frida Giannini (accessories ) and John Ray ( men's fashion ) to. 2005 Giannini also took over the position of the retiring Facchinetti and 2006, the tasks of Ray, since it is the sole creative head of Gucci brand.

The Gucci brand has only one main line, each for ladies and men's fashion, as well as in high-bandwidth matching accessories in the upper price segment. In addition, fragrances, eyewear, jewelry and watches are sold (since 1997) by Gucci. Since 2011 there is also a high-priced Gucci children's collection for 0 - to 8- year-old.

Gucci in Germany

In January 2014 there is in Germany a total of 12 so-called " Gucci stores ", three of them in Berlin ( KaDeWe, Kurfürstendamm, Galeries Lafayette ), one in Dusseldorf (Royal Avenue), two in Frankfurt ( Goethe street, airport), three in Munich ( Maximilian Street, Oberpollinger, airport), one in Cologne (Central street ), one in Hamburg ( Neuer Wall ) and one in Kampen / Sylt ( Braderuper way ).

Gucci Group

In 2007, the Gucci Group total sales of 3.867 billion euros. Of this total, 56.3 % of the actual Gucci label, the remainder from YSL Beauté ( 16.8%), Bottega Veneta (9.5%), the label Yves Saint Laurent (5.7% ) and other brands ( 11.7%). Other brands of the Group for the fashion label Alexander McQueen ( since late 2000 ), Stella McCartney ( since early 2001 ) and Balenciaga ( since mid 2001), the shoe brand Sergio Rossi ( since late 1999), the jewelery and watches Manufacturer Boucheron ( since mid 2000). The Yves Saint Laurent brand (fashion and beauty ) had been bought by Sanofi Beauté end of 1999 a majority stake in Bottega Veneta was secured in early 2001 and the 2000 acquired watchmaker Bédat & Co. was sold again in 2009. YSL Beauté was sold in 2008 at L' Oréal. The license rights for their own fragrance line Gucci manages belonging to the Procter & Gamble group Wella daughter Cosmopolitan Cosmetics. Overall, the Gucci Group employs around 14,000 people. The end of 2010, the Company operated 317 Gucci stores and numerous boutiques of the remaining members of the Gucci Group brands worldwide.


  • Director Ridley Scott announced in 2006 at a hitherto realized film adaptation of the story of the Gucci dynasty, which was also Angelina Jolie should be involved in the role of Patrizia Reggiano. Since 2012 it is said that Scott's daughter Jordan take over the director of the film and Penelope Cruz will play the lead role.