Catchment area of ​​the helmets; highlighted is the Zorge as hydrological main source drive.

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The helmets is about 65 km long, left and western tributary of the Unstrut in Thuringia and Saxony -Anhalt ( Germany ). She lays back good 46.7 kilometers in Thuringia and the remaining 18.3 kilometers in Saxony- Anhalt.


The river rises in Thuringia, south of the Harz district Eichsfeld at Stöckey. Its source is in the northern foothills of the Ohmgebirges between white -Lüderode and Stöckey the " Helmets Spring". The helmets flows eastward across the communities Hohenstein and Werther to Nordhausen. In herring the river receives the waters of the coming of the resin Zorge. Northwest of the Kyffhaeuser Mountains it is dammed in the Golden Meadows by Kelbra Dam to a reservoir and flood retention basins. Now in Saxony- Anhalt - - From there, the helmets continues to flow eastward across Roßla towards Altstedt, after which it then turns south and returned to Thuringia. In Kalbsrieth, southeast of Artern, it opens in the Unstrut.


Mouth of the gel density (top) in the helmets at Pützlingen

Helmets at Pützlingen

Mouth of the oat Bach (left) in the pent-up helmets

The helmets weir at the New Mill

The helmets in Kleinwechsungen

The mouth of the Röstegrabens (from right) in the helmets at Kleinwechsungen

Helmets in Hesserode, Nordhausen

The helmets overcomes a barrage in Hesserode

The helmets in Katharinenrieth


  • The bay
  • Pint
  • Sete
  • Gel density
  • Steinbach
  • Hochstedter Bach
  • Easter ditch
  • Mr. Eder Bach
  • Salza
  • Zorge
  • Urbach
  • Lohbach
  • Thyra
  • Niefe
  • Leash
  • Gonna
  • Rohnen
  • Rinnebach
  • Ohe
  • Bliedebach
  • Oat Bach
  • Röstegraben
  • Riedgraben
  • Goldbornstraße Bach
  • Flutgraben
  • Solgraben


From nature lovers Germany, the helmets was proclaimed for the promotional period 2012/2013 for "River Landscape of the Year ".