Ibach is the smallest independent municipality in the district of Waldshut in Baden- Württemberg, Germany. The municipality belongs to the Gemeindeverwaltungsverband St. Blaise with headquarters in St. Blaise.

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Geographical location

The small spa resort Ibach lies between Saint Blaise and Todtmoos in Hotze forest in the Southern Black Forest. The municipality is located in a wide, formed by the Feldberg glacier during the Ice Age valley in 870-1215 meters above sea level.

More than 65 % of the municipal area consists of forest.


Ibach was founded in 1240 as a "new cell" or " New cell " of monks from St. Blaise on a clearing of Tiefensteiner by colonization of monks from the monastery of St. Georgen, with the same Schuztpatronen: St. George and Cyril. It was later provost, as the patron saint was added in 1699 to Mary Magdalene. After the dissolution of the monastery of St. Blaise is named the settlement around the parish church in " sub - Ibach " around.

Neighboring communities

The municipality is bordered to the north by Bernau, on the east by the city of St. Blaise and roof mountain, on the south by Görwihl and Herrischried and to the west by Todt moss.

Community structure

The municipality includes the villages Ibach Oberibach and Unteribach, the hamlet Mutterslehen, the homestead Lindau and the house Ibachersäge. The municipality is the deserted New cell.


Parish council

Community partnership

Ibach maintains since 1990 a partnership with Pohrsdorf, today a part of the town Tharandt in Saxony.


A resident company is the band saw and planing mill Emperor in Mutterslehen.

Known Nationally, however, was Ibach by Hotze Flash: From 1989 in Ibach, under the direction of Thomas Albiez and in collaboration with a Swiss racing car constructor, the Hotzenblitz 2000 ( actually EL SPORT), a highly innovative light electric vehicle, developed (European Environment Award, World Champion Tour Sol 89). It was produced in Simson ( Suhl ). The company went bankrupt in 1996 because the banks did not provide the money needed for the planned series production available. The naming rights were purchased by a private consortium, with the aim of resuming production.

The district of Lindau became famous because of activities of the sect Fiat Lux


Due to the relatively snow-sure location is tourist season most of the year. In winter, the broad upland valley is a paradise for cross-country skiers, the Friends of the Alpine winter sports come to the edge of the valley at their expense. In summer, pull on the vast forests and small raised bogs with rare animals and plants, nature lovers. Ibach is since January 1, 2012 one of the four members of the Southern Black Forest Holiday tourism cooperation of the spa and resorts Höchenschwand, Roof Mount, Weilheim and Ibach. It is also founded on July 1, 2012 Tourism Cooperation holiday world southern Black Forest, consisting of the 14 places Albbruck, Bad Säckingen, Bernau, Roof Mount, Görwihl, Herrischried, Höchenschwand, Ibach, Laufenburg, Murg, Rickenbach, dead moss, military and Weilheim.


One may at first glance but is not the same as seen in Ibach one of the oldest continuously inhabited castles in the Black Forest. It was by the Lords of depths, a once powerful noble family which is probably in the 12th century in this area more known as men of deep stone, built as a residential tower. 1240 converted by Diethelm of Tiefenstein as a convent cell gave this 1241 " New cell" the monastery of St. Georgen in Stein am Rhein which he joined as a monk. This gave rise to disputes between his brother Hugo and Rudolf von Habsburg, the later German king who wanted to expand its possessions in the Black Forest to form a cohesive center of power at that time. As a result of this dispute in 1242 Tiefburg stone was besieged and destroyed. Hugo of Tiefenstein was lured and killed in an ambush.


  • Count Rudolf of Habsburg and the pastor of Ibach

In the snow melts in the spring of 1268 the Ibach led by a snowy winter floods. During this time the cell Brühl farmer was dying. By flooding the land routes was torn on the Ibach and the pastor of Ibach could not be provided to him for him. A Hinüber Come seemed impossible. Because there are two riders came along. There were Count Rudolf and his servant were on the hunt. Count Rudolf dismounted and gave it to the priest so that he could cross the river, so he came to the dying man to help. When the priest wanted to return the horse, it gave him the count. ( Schiller has taken up this saga in a ballad ).


  • Damasus Zähringerplatz OSB (1899-1977), fundamental theologian, abbot of the Abbey Beuron (1965-1967)
  • Stefanie Böhler ( born 1981 ), cross-country skier
  • Barbara Boehler (* 1982 ), an alpine skier, disabled athlete and younger sister Stefanie Böhler
  • Erika Hedwig Bertschinger - Eicke Uriella ( born February 20, 1929 in Zurich, Switzerland ), founder and head of the Fiat Lux ( new religious movement).