IFK Eskilstuna

The IFK VII, usually referred as IFK Eskilstuna, is a Swedish football club based in the city of Eskilstuna. The team was able to win in the early days of Swedish football once the Swedish league title and played a total of 14 seasons in the Allsvenskan, the highest Swedish league. Currently, the longtime second division plays - 48 seasons you stepped on second-rate - in the fünftklassigen Division 3


Early years and first successes (1897-1920)

IFK Eskilstuna was established on September 9, 1897 under the name IFK XXVI as an annexe of the Idrottsföreningen Kamraterna in Eskilstuna, but soon received the name IFK VII In the vernacular, however, the unofficial designation IFK Eskilstuna prevailed.

IFK Eskilstuna in 1901 won his first title when IFK Köpings was defeated by the Kamratmästerskapen in the first final. The following year the trophy against IFK Uppsala was successfully defended.

1910 belonged IFK Eskilstuna of the founding members of Svenska series, where the team met at a first concentration of Swedish football at clubs such as the series champion Örgryte IS, AIK, IFK Norrköping or IFK Göteborg. However, only the last place in the league was occupied. The following year, a lot more has been disputed before we retired together with Vikingarnas FK from the competition and took in the Mellansvenska series. 1917 succeeded the championship in this league. Parallel were won for the third time Kamratmästerskapen there and defended the title in 1918.

Championship and founding member of the Allsvenskan (1920-1936)

1920 succeeded IFK Eskilstuna return to the Svenska series. 1921 also reached the final of the team for the first time the Svenska Mästerskapet. 11,695 spectators at the championship game against IK Sleipner in Stockholm Olympic Stadium was won 2-1. In 1923 the club was again in the final of the Swedish Championship, which was, however, lost to the AIK with Result 1:5.

Thanks to the success IFK Eskilstuna was one of the founding members of the Allsvenskan in their first season in 1924/25. There, the team played at first against relegation. After two ninth and tenth places in the early years, the club was relegated as Tabellenelfter together with Westermalms IF in the second division at the end of the season 1928/29. With only two defeats season in Division 2 Norra succeeded the immediate resurgence. This time the club managed to keep six years of excellence and reached the fifth place in the standings in the season 1931/32 the best result in their history. 1936 but had to be taken up again the gear to the second division.

Between Allsvenskan and third-class (1936-1964)

After initial seats in the rear midfield IFK Eskilstuna in the early 1940s was back in the promotion battle. 1941 reached the team as the season winning promotion round, but failed in one, after each victory for both teams necessary for decision-making on Reymersholms IK. The following year the squadron victory was repeated and again a playoff was necessary in the promotion round. However, this time a 2-0 win against IK Brage. However, the level in the Allsvenskan was too high for the re Movers and season with two wins and seven points had to be taken up directly in a return to the second division.

IFK Eskilstuna in 1944 missed the direct re-emergence as a relay only winner in the promotion round, when Ludvika FFI prevailed after a 1-1 draw to kick off with a 3-1 second-leg success. In the following years could no longer be tied to performance and 1947, the club rose due to a league reform together with BK Derby, IFK Värnamo, IFK Lidingö and Hammarby IF from the third league.

In the third division to IFK Eskilstuna has established itself in the middle of the table. In 1950, the team got a season long in danger of relegation, in the following years it was enough to places in the front table space. As of 1953 the North Swedish league pyramid was classified in the general Swedish league structure and subsequently the second division was extended to three seasons, needed only a third place in the standings to a rebirth in the second highest league level.

IFK Eskilstuna could play directly into the front table space in the second division. In the second year after the revival broke the club as a Second Season three points of climbers Västerås SK. 1957 managed the team to victory season and peaked in the promotion round draws against GIF Sundsvall, so how in the early years again a playoff was needed. This IFK Eskilstuna clearly won 3-0 and returned after 14 years unterklassigem football in the Allsvenskan back.

In the marathon season in 1957/58, which had been extended because of the World Cup 1958 in Sweden and the transition from the sporting events to the calendar year, reach eight wins this season, so IFK Eskilstuna with two points behind AIK and Sandvikens IF were relegated straight back. In the following years, the club placed in the front section of the second division table, without being able to intervene in the promotion race. In the season of 1963 succeeded the season victory when the league was dominated with 19 wins in 22 games this season. In the promotion round they met GAIS, GIF Sundsvall and Östers IF and was undefeated with two draws celebrate the re- return to the Swedish House of Lords. However, the Stippviste in Allsvenskan was again short-lived, with just three points behind Helsingborgs IF had the club after the 14th Erstligaspielzeit the club's history descend directly again.

Unterklassiger Football ( 1964 - )

After Erstligaabstieg to IFK Eskilstuna could keep a long time in front of the table. With the beginning of the 1970s, the team found only in mid-table again. Only the youth team of the club was nationally draw attention to themselves, than in 1970, the Swedish championship succeeded.

1981 surprised the club and won the Division 2 Norra Season the victory. In the relegation the team hit the first league Kalmar FF, but missed after a 0-2 opening defeat by a 2-2 draw to return to the Allsvenskan. However, the team was unable to repeat this success in the following season was three points clear of the relegation places managed to avoid relegation and 1983 it remained the second last table only thanks to a league increase in the second division. The youth brought in 1985 with their second championship trophy a renewed profit.

There followed years back in mid-table before IFK Eskilstuna in 1987 as second in the North squadron just behind Djurgårdens IF but missed the repeated ascent. With five points behind Örebro SK placement was repeated the following year, before it went downhill again. 1992 missed the team finally in the autumn championship in the league and played almost forty years after the promotion back to the second division in 1953 became mediocre.

In Division 2 Västra Svealand IFK Eskilstuna finished first midfield places until 1996, in third place with one point behind Enköpings SK the promotion round was just missed. After another third place in the following year followed in 1999 the crash in the Viertklassigkeit. Here the team took top places, reaching 2002, the promotion round. The return to the third division, however, was missed after a 0-0 draw in the first leg due to a significant 0:6 defeat against Älvsjö AIK. After another places in the middle of the table, the club in 2005 qualified as a table runner for the new, fourth-rate now Division 2 Östra Svealand. After three years, the team had descended 2008 Table in the Fünftklassigkeit.