Juabeso District

The Juabeso District is one of 13 districts in the Western region of the State of Ghana. It is located in the northern part of the region and is bordered to the west by the neighboring Ivory Coast, on the east by the Brong- Ahafo Region.

Economy and Environment

The wooded district is located in the zone of the tropical rainforest and is home to four forest reserves, the most famous is the Bia National Park in Kumkumso.

75 % of the workforce is employed in agriculture, is produced cassava, plantains, corn, yams, rice and especially cocoa. Juabeso is the largest cocoa producer among the districts of Ghana. In addition, are the timber industry (Wawa or obeche tree, mahogany and Odum tree) and mining of importance.

Villages with more than 5000 inhabitants

  • Yawmatwa
  • Afere
  • Juabeso
  • Boizan
  • Amoya
  • Sayerano
  • Nkatieso
  • Ahibenso
  • Bonsu Nkwanta
  • Benchema
  • Mafia