Bibiani/Anhwiaso/Bekwai District

Bibiani / Anhwiaso / Bekwai is one of 13 districts in the Western Region of Ghana.


The district is located in the zone of the tropical rainforest. On average, it lies 350 meters above sea level and is home to the 660 -meter high mountain Atanyamekrom the highest point of the Western Region. The Ankobra is the most important river in the district, and there are its tributaries Awa, Krodua, Atronsu, Subriso, Krosieni, Akassu and Amponsah.


Today about 100,000 residents of the district belong predominantly to the ethnic group and speak the same language Sefwi Sefwi (or Sehwi ). In addition, Fante, Ewe, Twi, Kasem, Frafra, Hausa, Dagbani and other languages ​​are spoken.


About 70 percent of the population works in agriculture. To meet the regional needs or cassava, plantains, corn, yams, rice and vegetables are produced; In addition, cocoa, coffee and palm oil. Even cattle breeding.

In Bibiani the Ashanti Goldfields Bibiani Limited ( AGBL ) operates gold mining in Ghana Bauxite Awaso wins Company Limited (GBC ) bauxite.

Villages with more than 5000 inhabitants

  • Sefwi Bekwai
  • Awaso
  • Humjibre
  • Asawinso Anhwaso
  • Chirano
  • Wenchi
  • Surano
  • Ankra - Muano
  • Kunkunso
  • Subri Nkwanta / kojina
  • Subiri
  • Nkronua Atifi
  • Hwenampori
  • Atronsu
  • Dominibo
  • Akaaso
  • Adupri
  • Lineso.