Wasa Amenfi East District

The district Wasa Amenfi East is one of 13 districts in the Western Region of Ghana. It was created a few years ago from the Wassa Amenfi District.

Climate and Nature

Wasa Amenfi East is located in the wettest zone of Ghana, the South is covered by tropical rainforest. There are four forest reserves. The first rainy season extends from March to July and the second from September to early December. The largest rivers are Ashire and Manse.

Economy and Transport

Even after Ghanaian standards, the district is developed economically small. A study on the economy of the district is characterized by this " low production and low productivity ." The agriculture, 60 % of all employees work is characterized by high loss rates after harvest due to inadequate storage and distribution facilities. It produces coffee, palm oil, rubber, cocoa and cola nuts and plantains, cassava, maize, rice, tomatoes and pepper. An industrial processing of agricultural products locally will not take place. The farmers manage their land mainly with very traditional methods and average size of farms is low. The existing small extent local capital is invested outside the district, and also the "human capital ", ie well-educated people leave the district. The road network is in such bad condition that transporters in many cases refuse either to drive them or require unusually high freight rates.

Potential tourist attractions are present, but barely tapped with tourist infrastructure. A development potential exists in the mining sector by deposits of kaolin, bauxite, diamonds and gold.

Places with more than 5000 residents

  • Opon Valley
  • Dompim Bawdie
  • Afransie
  • Japa
  • No Nsuaem. 2
  • Nananko
  • Saamang
  • Dawurampong
  • Abena Abena
  • Wassa Saa
  • Asikuma
  • Adamanso
  • Akonsia
  • Japa
  • Asundua
  • Wassa Amenfi
  • Abiesewagyaman
  • Jukwa
  • Wasa Mampong
  • Aserewadi