Wasa Amenfi West District

The district Wasa Amenfi West is one of 13 districts in the Western Region of Ghana.


The population of the district has multiplied in recent decades by natural growth and immigration. 1948, there were 21 500 people, 1960 57 537 1970 85 698 1984 139 833 and the beginning of the millennium, 186 000 people. 1984 were born outside the district for more than half of the population. The population is growing Coll at a rate of 3.2% per year. In addition to the local ( and eponymous ) Wasa provide other immigrant representatives of Akanvölker as the Akwamu, Ashanti, Brong and Assin larger parts of the ethnic mix of the district. In addition, Ewe and Akwapim from the eastern part of Ghana and Krobo and Gomoan from the northern regions. These immigrants are mainly found in the cocoa regions and other areas with export-oriented agricultural products.

The usual form of settlement is in scattered agricultural settlements. According to a study from 1984, only 264 of 2132 recognized settlements in the district had more than 100 inhabitants. The district capital then just reached 6300 inhabitants. The district now has a population density of 53,76 inhabitants per square kilometer.


75% ( according to other sources 85 % ) of the population live on agriculture. In manufacturing, about 5.4 % are employed mainly in the logging companies in Manso Amenfi and Samre Boi. 7.5% are employed in the service sector, 9.5% in trading. The public sector employed 2% of the labor force. Plantains ( Plantain ), cassava, yams, rice, cocoa, coffee and palm oil are the main agricultural products of the district

There are significant gold deposits, particularly in the Asankrangwa Gold Belt, which are also mined.

Villages in the district

  • Samre Boi
  • Asankran - Bremang
  • Manso Amenfi
  • Adjakaa - Manso
  • Wassa - Dunkwa
  • Anyinabrim
  • Juabo
  • Agona Sciacca
  • Hiawa
  • Moseaso
  • Asankran - Saa
  • Kwabeng
  • Prestea - Nkwanta
  • Mumuni Camp ( Market Center )
  • Achichire
  • Anakum
  • Amuni
  • Opintobeng
  • Kwaman
  • Ankasie
  • Ankwaso
  • Dominase
  • Wuratrem
  • Bonuama