Sefwi-Wiawso District

The Sefwi - Wiawso District is one of 13 districts in the Western region of the State of Ghana. It is located in the northern offshore part of the region, bordering the neighboring region of Brong Ahafo -. It is named after the capital of the district and the ethnicity of Sefwi.

Economy, environment and infrastructure

The district is located in the zone of the tropical rainforest and is one of the most forested Ghana, is the largest river Tano. Sefwi - Wiawso is oriented predominantly agricultural, cocoa, corn, cassava, plantains, yams and palm oil are produced. Cocoa is the main export-oriented product of the district. Gold is found in rivers and streams, more deposits can be found at Kokokrom, Anyinabrim, Akontombra and Nsawora / Nkwadum. South of Wiawso at Bopa exist diamond deposits.

All major towns in the district are connected to the electricity grid, 84 of 174 Kommunene have access to drinking water supply. The district capital is on highways with good Kumasi ( capital of the Ashanti Region) and Sekondi -Takoradi, the capital of the Western Region, connected.

The Jews of Sefwi - Wiawso

As religious peculiarity exists in the capital Sefwi - Wiawso (or short Wiawso ) a Jewish community. The community was created by the vision of an ethnic Sefwi in the 1970s, after the Sefwi - like certain similarities in the tradition showed (eg, the avoidance of pork, or Saturday as the day of rest) - one of the lost tribes of Israel were. Today, there is a synagogue and a Jewish community of several hundred people, which now also has contacts with other Jewish communities in the United States.

Villages with more than 5000 inhabitants

  • Sefwi - Wiawso
  • Asafo
  • Sefwi Dwinase
  • Akontombra
  • Sefwi Buako
  • Nsawora
  • Amafie
  • Punikrom
  • Anwiam
  • Datano
  • Kofi Ackaakrom
  • Bawakrom
  • Sui
  • Kokokrom
  • Aboduam
  • Ahwiam
  • Bosomoiso
  • Anyinabrim
  • Ahokwaa