Judo at the 1972 Summer Olympics

In the XX. 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich six competitions were held in Judo. The event took place from 31 August to 9 September 1972, the Ringer judo hall at the fairgrounds. The fighting time was in the first round at six in the semifinals and the final eight in ten minutes. To Victory submitted Ippon.

Competitions and schedule

Lightweight ( 63 kg )

Participants: 29 Judoka Finals on September 4 The runner-up Bakhaavaa Buidaa from Mongolia, was found guilty of doping ( caffeine ). This left the second place vacant.

Welterweight (up to 70kg)

Participants: 28 Judoka Final on September 3

Middleweight ( up to 80kg )

Participants: 35 Judoka Finale on September 2

Light Heavyweight (up to 93 kg )

Participants: 29 Judoka Finale on September 1,

Heavyweight ( over 93 kg)

Participants: 19 Judoka Finals on August 31,

Open class

Participants: 26 Judoka Finale on September 9

Medal Tally