Kakhovskaya Line

The Kakhovskaya Line (Russian Каховская линия ), also known as " line 11 " is one of the twelve lines of the Moscow metro and at the same time also the shortest of them.

Stations, depot and vehicles

The Kakhovskaya line has three stations:

  • Kashirskaya ( Каширская? / I ), to transfer to the same station on line 2
  • Warschawskaja ( Варшавская? / I )
  • Kakhovskaya ( Каховская? / I ), to transfer to the station Sevastopol on line 9

The vehicles of the line, type trains 81-717/714 and since mid- 2008, type 81-740/741, represents the holding Samoskworezkoje, which also serves the line 2.


Today's Kakhovskaya Line was created in 1969 as part of the Samoskworezkaja line. Since the opening of the section drove trains on this line continuously from Retschnoi Woksal in the north to the new railhead Kakhovskaya in the south. 1985 Samoskworezkaja line was extended through the station Kashirskaya addition, in densely populated residential areas to the south of the Russian capital. The new extension was the original route of the line, while the section to Kakhovskaya worked from then on as a branch, which was operated alternately with the main line. Only in 1995 was the spin-off as a separate line, due to the ever increasing number of passengers on the main line and the resulting need to compress the timetable clock there. On 20 November 1995, the turning and sidings so taken north of Kashirskaya in operation and created "new" Kakhovskaya line.

It is noteworthy that there Kakhovskaya - on Samoskworezkaja - line and vice versa even after the spin-off of the line partly still are direct trains from the. So the trains run about every 10 -minute intervals in the morning continuously from Warschawskaja to Retschnoi Woksal and evening exactly the reverse route, which is due the fact that some features of the Samoskworezkaja - line at night in Depot Warschawskoje, which is located behind the station Warschawskaja, be turned off. In rare cases, if a compression of the sequence of moves on the Kakhovskaya line is necessary to operate even trains through from Kakhovskaya to Retschnoi Woksal and vice versa, as was customary in the years 1969 until 1995.

Expansion plans

There are long term plans to build in addition to the existing Koltsevaya Line a large ring line of the Moscow Metro to relieve the above-ground public transport in the suburbs. Today's Kakhovskaya line is intended to be part of this line. Is expected that the line will be the first of Kashirskaya to Pechatniki continued with connection to line 10.