Kaveret ( Hebrew: כוורת to German " beehive " ) was an Israeli rock band in the 1970s. She was known for their often humorous lyrics and their musical style.

Kaveret was founded in 1973. Several members met already, as they together performed their service in the Israeli army. In 1976, the group was dissolved. Afterwards the former members Gidi Gov and Danny Sanderson founded with vocalist Mazi Cohen and even other musicians, the group initially Gazoz and later another called Doda.

Many pieces of Kaveret were an integral part of Israeli culture and are even today the new generation of Israeli youth familiar.

1974 represented Kaveret under the name "The Poogy Groop " Israel in the Euro Vision Song Contest with her ​​piece Natati La Chaiai (Hebrew: נתתי לה חיי, " I gave her my life "). They reached 7th place

The band was never formally disbanded, but was not permanently active after 1980. There was, however, in the aftermath repeatedly reunion performances on special occasions, as in 1984, 1990, 1998 ( the 50th anniversary of the founding of Israel ) and so far the last time in 2000.


  • Alon Oleartchik - bass, vocals
  • Danny Sanderson - guitar, vocals
  • Efraim Shamir - guitar, vocals
  • Gidi Gov - Vocals
  • Meir Fenigstein (nicknamed " Poogy " ) - drums, vocals
  • Yitzhak Klapter (nicknamed " Churchill " ) - guitar, vocals
  • Yoni Right - keyboards, vocals


  • Poogy Tales ( Hebrew: סיפורי פוגי, Sipurei Poogy ) - 1973
  • Poogy in a Pitah ( Hebrew: פוגי בפיתה, Poogy BePita ) - 1974
  • Crowded in the Ear ( Hebrew: צפוף באוזן, Tzafuf Baozen ) - 1975