Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore ( born May 26, 1967, Long Iceland, NY) is an American keyboardist and composer.


Dream Theater

Moore began his career in 1986 with guitarist John Petrucci, bassist John Myung and singer Chris Collins in the band Majesty, which was later renamed Dream Theater. After three studio albums Moore left Dream Theater in 1994 to take on other musical projects in attack and produce an album in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As the former drummer of Dream Theater, Mike Portnoy, said Moore had previously taken more and more distance from the other band members, private as well as musically.

Solo projects

After Moore had recorded a demo in 1998 came under the name Chroma Key the melancholy synth - pop album Dead Air For Radios on the market. On admission, he was by Mark Zonder ( Fates Warning ) and Steve Tushar supported.

In 2000, Moore moved to Los Angeles, where he wrote his second chroma-key album, You Go Now, produced. In addition to Steve Tushar David Iscove (guitars) was involved in the album. After the completion of the album Moore moved to Costa Rica, where he worked for Radio For Peace International. Excerpts of his work for the radio have appeared on the album Memory Hole 1.

In 2003, Jim Matheos struck, the guitarist of Fates Warning, Moore before a musical collaboration with drummer Mike Portnoy and bassist Sean Malone ( Cynic ). The thus resulting band was called OSI. Their first album was called the Office of Strategic Influence.

In 2004, Moore traveled to Istanbul, where he composed the music for the horror film Okul, which he published as an album ( Ghost Book). Then the Chroma Key album Graveyard Mountain Home came ( as an alternative soundtrack for the movie Age 13 from 1955 ) on the market.

In April 2006, Moore published with Jim Matheos, the second OSI album (Free) and in April 2009 the third OSI album ( Blood). 2012, the fourth OSI album ( Fire Make Thunder ) was published.


With Dream Theater

  • When Dream and Day Unite ( 1989)
  • Images & Words ( 1992)
  • Another day (Single, 1992)
  • Pull me under (Promo Single, 1992)
  • Take the Time (Promo Single, 1993)
  • Images and Words: Live in Tokyo (1993 )
  • Awake ( 1994)
  • Lie ( Single, 1994)
  • Silent Man ( Single, 1994)
  • Greatest Hit ( ... and 21 other pretty cool songs) (2008)

With Chroma Key

  • Dead Air For Radios (1998)
  • Color Blind (Single, 1999)
  • You Go Now (2000)
  • Graveyard Mountain Home (2004)

Kevin Moore

  • This is a Recording ( 1999)
  • Memory Hole 1 (2004)
  • Ghost Book ( music for the film Okul, 2004)
  • Shine ( Soundtrack to the film Kucuk Kiyamet [" Little Apocalypse" ], 2011)

With OSI

  • Office of Strategic Influence ( 2003)
  • Free ( 2006)
  • Re: Free (EP, 2006)
  • Blood ( 2009)
  • Fire Make Thunder ( 2012)

As a guest of Fates Warning

  • Perfect Symmetry (1989 )
  • A Pleasant Shade of Gray ( 1997)
  • Disconnected (2000)