John Myung

John Ro Myung ( born January 24, 1967 in Chicago, Illinois ) is the bassist for the progressive metal band Dream Theater.

As the son of Korean parents, he grew up in Long Iceland, New York, NY. Because he always listened to classical music at home, he began at the age of five years with the violin playing on. But when he discovered the bass, he decided to give up playing the violin and to devote himself entirely to the bass. He studied with his friend John Petrucci at the Boston Berklee College of Music, where she also met Mike Portnoy. Together with him, they formed the band Majesty, which later Dream Theater was. Besides his work with Dream Theater he plays among other bass in the project The Jelly Jam.

Myung is still regarded as a very dedicated musician. So he practiced during the period of study at Berklee daily for up to six hours and is to this day, whether in the studio, on tour or private seldom seen without bass.

He is known for his fast, experienced bass lines, especially for his tapping technique. As it applies to many young musicians as a model, he has already released an instructional video. Personally occurs Myung but always reserved and quiet in public on what has already earned him among fans of Dream Theater a certain cult status.

In addition to his six-string basses mainly John Myung plays the Chapman Stick, a rare instrument that is played by tapping and hammering and Tony Levin, for example, dominated by a few musicians.