James LaBrie

Kevin James LaBrie ( born May 5, 1963 in Penetanguishene, Canada) is the lead singer of the American progressive metal band Dream Theater.


James LaBrie was born on 5 May 1963 at the Canadian Penetanguishene. As a boy he sang again and again to the songs that just ran on the radio. From the age of five he began to play drums. Even then, it was discovered that he possessed for a child already has a very well-developed singing voice. His singing talent was therefore particularly encouraged in his school days. Besides, he already vocally supported the vocal group of his father.

With the beginning of his youth to LaBrie interested in rock music. He then played in several bands drums, however, he concluded after a while that he had more talent as a singer, and took over in the bands corresponding to the vocal part.

At the age of 21, he graduated at the renowned vocal coach Rosemary Patricia Burns classical vocal training. Shortly after he took over the vocal part in the then well-known Canadian rock band Winter Rose.

Pierre Paradis, the manager of the band Voivod made ​​him the early 90s as part of his first solo project on the American band Dream Theater from the New York area the attention that badly would a sequel look for the dismissal of their former singer Charlie Dominici. LaBrie did not hesitate and sent a corresponding receiving his skills to New York. Shortly thereafter, LaBrie was invited to audition. There he convinced right away and became the new singer of the band Dream Theater.

Membership of Dream Theater

Since becoming a member of Dream Theater it only occurs under his middle name, James, in public, as it is already a member with the name Kevin, Kevin Moore gave in joining Dream Theater, and John Myung and John Petrucci already enough confusion took place. Since 1994, keyboardist Kevin Moore, however, is no longer a member of Dream Theater. Nevertheless LaBrie maintained its quasi artist name. For the first time LaBrie on the second studio album, Images and Words can be heard, which should mean the absolute breakthrough for the band at the same time.

James LaBrie is one of the most famous singers in the Progressive Metal division. However, his vocal style is slightly controversial, especially among the fans of Dream Theater. Above all, his tendency to so-called "pressing" often comes to criticism. By his own account he retired in late 1994 during a vacation in Cuba as a result of food poisoning, a chronic inflammation of the vocal cords, which busied him for almost eight years. In an interview he gave during his solo tour in 2005, he described the circumstances again very accurate: After a long " dark period " felt LaBrie in October and November 2002 during the World Tour Tourbulence first signs of the return of his voice. After the end of World Tourbulence tour he took his vocal studies on again and turned with his new singing teacher Victoria Thompson his technique completely around.

Solo projects

Already in the years 1999 and 2001, LaBrie had published with Keep It To Yourself and 2 solo albums, for legal reasons, however, under the pseudonym " Mullmuzzler ". In spring 2005, finally appeared with Elements of Persuasion his third solo album, the first under his own name. In September 2010, followed by Static Impulse 's successor, be imprinted on the with guest vocals by drummer Peter Wildoer unusually hard ways.

In addition, LaBrie borrowed a number of music projects, his singing voice. So he was about to Tribute samplers for the bands Rush and Queen. For Henning Pauly and its project frameshift he took on the album Unweaving the Rainbow in 2003, a concept album about the teachings of the British evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, all vocal parts. Also on Paulys the 2006 album Baby Steps, he was represented on three tracks. His best known guest post provided LaBrie with his participation in the Ayreon project of the Dutch musician Arjen Lucassen: On "The Human Equation " (2004) he sang the role of the main character, a man who is after a mysterious car accident in a coma. Most recently, LaBrie involved in the project True Symphonic Rockestra, a " Classic meets Rock" tribute to The Three Tenors in collaboration with Vladimir Grishko and Thomas Dewald. This collaboration of 2008, the album was released Concerto in True Minor.

On 29 July 2013, the solo album Impermanent Resonance, which was produced by Jens Bogren (including Symphony X, Katatonia, Amon Amarth ) appeared.