Awake (Dream-Theater-Album)



  • One On One Studios, Los Angeles ( USA)
  • Devonshire Studios, Los Angeles ( USA)

Awake (English for " wax " ) is the third studio album by American progressive metal band Dream Theater. It was released on 30 September 1994. The album was set by Rock Hard Magazine in 2007 ranked the 390 " greatest rock and metal discs ." Only the two previous Dream Theater albums could be placed better in this list.

Music style

Awake is much harder than the previous albums, When Dream and Day Unite Images and Words. The album sounds also darker than its predecessors. The song structures are very complex. In particular, the three parts of " A Mind Beside Itself " show the different influences of the band. Part 1 is an instrumental piece that goes in the direction of Ambient, but also contains heavy metal passages. Part 2 is again harder, while Part 3 is rather moderate in the rock direction.

Moores exit

After Dream Theater had recorded the album, said Kevin Moore, that he wanted to leave the band, which was unexpected, according to guitarist John Petrucci. For this reason, Moore was of course excluded from further processes for finishing the album ( such as the mix ) and he was therefore not in the two music videos from Awake to see.

Due to Moore's exit, the band played the song " Space Dye Vest " until January 15, 2014 never live. Mike Portnoy said that Dream Theater will never play the song without Kevin Moore, as it is considered his farewell song. It's the last song that was written by Moore. Portnoy also said that Dream Theater would have even taken the song from the album, if they had known that Moore left the band. However, it was played on January 15, 2014, the first time live in Portugal. Moore has many offers from Dream Theater to get to once again play a gig with the band, but has so far refused every offer.

Title list

Japan Special Edition

" A Mind Behind Itself "

The songs 4-6 make up the series " A Mind Beside Itself ". In the CD booklet to Awake the three songs are as such series, on the CD back the songs, however, are listed individually, without the title of " A Mind Beside Itself " is mentioned. Each of these three songs, however, is written in the booklet as a separate song at concerts and the songs are played individually. The Live Concert Live Scenes from New York all three songs were played as " A Mind Beside Itself " together. Titled they are there as " A Mind Beside Itself Part I", " II" and " III ".

Demo version

In the demo version, which was mentioned in the liner notes of the publication of Ytsejam Records, the songs have different names:

  • " 6:00" was called " Beach House Reality "
  • " Caught in a Web" was called " Squid "
  • "Innocence Faded " was called " Fresca "
  • " The Mirror" was called " Puppies on Acid" ( the original version was also played live and released on both VHS Live in Tokyo, and Once in a Live Time)
  • " Lie" was called " Kittens on Crack "
  • " Lifting Shadows Off a Dream" was called " Blowfish "
  • " Scarred " was called "The Keymaster "

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