Lethbridge is a city in the south of the Canadian province of Alberta. It lies on the edge of the prairie near the Rocky Mountains on the Oldman River, 210 kilometers southeast of Calgary and has 83 517 inhabitants ( 2011). Thus, the city is the largest city in the southern part of the province.


At the site of the present city, the Fort " Whoop - Up" was built in 1869, from which Americans operated illegal alcohol trade with the Indians. This was one of the reasons for the creation of the North West Mounted Police in 1873 1870 was held on Oldman River the last battle between the Cree and the Blackfoot instead. ; 1871 joined these two Indian nations a formal peace treaty. In 1874 coal mining town named Coalbanks was founded, which in 1885 was given the name Lethbridge.

Between 1907 and 1909, the Canadian Pacific Railway built the Lethbridge Viaduct (also called " High Level Bridge " ) about the " Oldman River Valley ", which is still the longest, most built of steel railway bridge in the world today. The University of Lethbridge was opened in 1967.

Economy and infrastructure


Lethbridge has no significant manufacturing industry. Most jobs are in the service sector. Here you can buy one in the great West Side Mall, or in one of the many shops on the arterial roads. One can find any type of entertainment you would find in a big city. There are theaters, cinemas many good pubs and the Galt Museum, named after Sir Alexander Galt.


In the city there are two colleges. The largest public university in the city is the University of Lethbridge with 9,000 students in six departments, who are enrolled in degree programs for bachelor and master's degrees. The Lethbridge College is a small college at the 4,200 students are enrolled.

In the city there are three high schools, leading up to Class 12. In addition there are four secondary schools and twelve primary schools. These schools are from Lethbridge School District No. 51 managed and supervised.


The flagship of the city is the Junior Hockey team from the Western Hockey League ( WHL), the Lethbridge Hurricanes.


Lethbridge is significantly influenced by the foehn winds Chinook, which sometimes assume hurricane-like proportions and can lead to extreme temperature fluctuations.

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