List of Finance Ministers of France

The finance minister plays an important role in the French government.

The French Ministry of Economy, Finances and Industry has a long tradition and knows a large number of titles.

Under the Ancien Régime, the finances were in the hands of the General Controller of the Finances. At times firmierten the de facto Minister of Finance as chairman of the Royal Fiscal Council, which were made ​​available to the general simple checkers higher. However, Jacques Necker was not allowed to occupy the role of the General Controller, which is why he held a less prestigious position as General Director of Finance as a Protestant. In 1791 this complex arrangement was replaced by the Minister of Finance as part of the Government of the French Revolution. This office was indeed abolished in 1794, but in 1795 re-introduced at the beginning of the Directorate.

Prior to the appointment of a Surintendanten ( 1518-1561 )

Surintendant des Finances ( 1561-1661 )

General Inspectors of Finance ( 1661-1791 )

Finance Minister, First Republic ( 1791-1799 )

Minister of Finance (1799-1848)

Finance, Second Republic ( 1848-1852 )

Finance, Second Empire (1851-1870)

Finance, Third Republic ( 1870-1940 )

Government in exile ( 1941-1944 )

Finance, Fourth Republic ( 1946-1958 )

Finance, Fifth Republic (1958 -present)

Heads of state ( monarch, president)

Government: Prime Minister | Foreign Minister | Minister of Education | Finance | Interior Minister | Minister of Justice / Registrar | Defense Secretary

Committees: Member of the National Assembly | Speaker of the National Assembly | Senate President | President of the Regional Councils

Other: Dauphin of France | Kofürsten Andorra | French pretender to the throne

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