List of regions of Norway

A part of the country (Norwegian Landsdel ) is carried out in Norway, the country's largest region with the Norwegian classification in large areas. The Norwegian parts of the country are no administrative management units in the conventional sense. Administratively, Norway is divided officially by the 19 administrative districts of Fylke ( provinces ).

Parts of the country in Norway

The Norwegian parts of the country are the five parts or large regions of Norway: Nord-Norge, Trondelag, Vestlandet, Østlandet and Sørlandet. The last four regions as the landscape Sør- Norge ( Southern Norway ) is considered. The Svalbard archipelago and the island of Jan Mayen, though are also parts of Norway, but not official parts of the country, as the Norwegian regions are traditionally connected with the mainland. The name Sørlandet ( Southland ) was coined to only by the writer Vilhelm Krag 1902. Before that time the area as part of the country Vestlandet ( Westland, west -lying country ) was called. The created region Midt- Norge ( Southern Norway ) has not exactly clearly defined geographical boundaries, but it includes the components of Vestlandet of Western Norway and Trøndelag and partly some adjacent areas of Northern Norway ( Nord-Norge ) and Østlandet ( Eastern Norway ) Related considered.


The individual Fylke fall into the following major regions: