March of Ivrea

The Margraviate of Ivrea Ivrea played with the main town in nachkarolingischer time in Italian politics a prominent role. The Anskarier family, later called the House of Burgundy - Ivrea, presented as Margrave of Ivrea three kings of Italy: Berengar II and his son Adalbert II and his nephew Arduin.

Arduin of Ivrea took to 990 the power and led several wars against its neighbors, particularly against Bishop Leo of Vercelli, which in turn was supported by the Ottonian emperors house.

After Arduin death fell apart, the Margraviate of Ivrea and the bishops were together with the local institutions, the dominant force; in the 12th century, it took action against Frederick Barbarossa. The flower in the early 12th century was followed in the second half of the 13th century were formally incorporated into the Margraviate of Montferrat. In the 14th century, the Margraviate fell to Savoy.

List of Marquis of Ivrea ( House of Burgundy - Ivrea )

  • Anskar I, Margrave 879-887
  • Adalbert I of empires, whose son, Mark Graf to 902 - probably 923
  • Berengar II, whose son, Marquis at 923-966, King of Italy 950-961
  • Adalbert II, whose son, Mark Graf to 971
  • Guido ( Wido ) * 949, † June 25 965, whose brother, Margrave 959-965
  • Konrad, † 1001, his brother, Marquis 965, before 965 Count of Camerino and Spoleto
  • Arduin, † 1015, son of Adalbert II, Margrave
  • Wido (Guido di San Martino), † 1030, his brother, Margrave
  • Descendants Wiberts ...
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