Mathias Lauda

Mathias Lauda (born 30 January 1981 in Salzburg) is an Austrian racing driver and the son of three -time Formula 1 World Champion Niki Lauda. Between 2006 and 2009 he drove in the DTM for Mercedes -Benz.


Beginnings in motorsport

Lauda started as a late entrant his motorsport career in 2002 in contrast to many other drivers not in karting, but in Formula Nissan 2000. He ran two races in the Formula Volkswagen and a race in the Spanish Formula 3 Championship. In 2003, the Austrians in the World Series Light, a subcategory of the Superfund World Series, and was eighth in the overall standings. In 2004 Lauda part in some races in the Euro 3000.

Formula 3000 and GP2 Series

Mainly, the Austrians concentrated in the 2004 season to his engagement in Formula 3000, which was held as part of the Formula 1. As a team -mate of José María López, he started for the performance of supervised Coloni Motorsport team CMS. Lauda, ​​who could not keep up with his teammate, finished the season 13th overall. 2005 Lauda went for Coloni Motorsport in the GP2 Series, the successor series Formula 3000, at the start. He managed only once to score points and he could not with his team-mate Gianmaria Bruni, a former Formula 1 driver keep up, again. Even after Bruni had left the team three race weekends before the end of the Austrians could not draw attention to themselves and took the end of the season ranked 21st in the championship


After driving in the winter in the A1GP 2005/2006 season, Lauda returned to the Formula racing back and moved in 2006 to the DTM. He went for Mercedes -Benz with the team Persson Motorsport at the start. He did not succeed to score points and he finished the season 18th overall. In the 2007 season he went with an AMG -Mercedes C- class from the previous season for the team Mücke Motorsport at the start. Lauda took the first time in the season points and finished at the end of the season 15th in the standings. 2008 Lauda returned to Persson and received a new year's car from Mercedes -Benz. At the end of the season he once again took the 15th place. 2009 Lauda moved back to mosquito and went there again in a year's car from Mercedes- Benz at the start. As a teammate of Maro Engel, he finished at the end of the season 15th overall. His contract was not renewed for 2010, and so Lauda was in mosquito replaced by former Formula 1 driver David Coulthard.

After Lauda 2010 stood without solid racing cockpit, he drives 2011 for the Konrad Motorsport Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup.


Lauda has lived in Barcelona since 1996.

In the TV total Stock Car Crash Challenge 2005 he won the rodeo race.

Career stations

  • 2002: Formula Nissan 2000 ( 12th place)
  • 2003: World Series Light ( 8th place)
  • 2004: Formula 3000 ( 13th)
  • 2005: GP2 Series (No. 21)
  • 2006: DTM ( 18th place); A1GP 2005/2006 season
  • 2007: DTM ( 15th place)
  • 2008: DTM ( 15th place)
  • 2009: DTM ( 15th place)
  • 2011: Porsche Supercup ( 12th place)