The MDAX (derived from mid-cap DAX) is an established on 19 January 1996 German stock index (ISIN DE0008467416 ). It consists of 50 stocks - mainly from traditional sectors - that follow in the rankings according to free float market capitalization and trading volume on the values ​​of the DAX. The MDAX thus reflects the price movements of stocks of medium-sized German or mainly active in Germany companies ( mid caps ). It is calculated as a performance index and a price index. Its composition is updated twice a year (March and September) and, in special cases, such as in mergers and major new issues. It is the 60/60-Regel, it can therefore only values ​​are added, the count in terms of market capitalization and trading volume in each of the 60 largest behind the DAX. The same procedure with exclusions, if one of the two criteria is missed greatly or longer time.

In addition to the DAX, the Nasdaq and the SDAX the MDAX part of the Prime Standard. Since its reduction on 24 March 2003 It contains a total of 50 values ​​, before that it was 70


The index is based on the prices of the electronic trading system XETRA. Calculation commences trading day at 9:00 clock CET and ends with the prices from the Xetra closing auction that starts at 17:30 CET clock. Following the XETRA closing auction a late- index is calculated. The late- L- MDAX index is an indicator of the development of the MDAX by XETRA trading deadline, it is based on the prices of floor trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The L- MDAX every trading day, calculated between 17:45 clock to 20:00 clock CET by Deutsche Börse AG, the operator of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.


On February 13, 2013, the existing rate since July 9, 2007 high of price index of 8.118 was first exceeded and reached a new high. The performance index had exceeded its also up to that from July 2007 originating high of 11,493 in October, 2012.


The following table shows the MDAX index associated companies and their weighting in the MDAX as of March 24, 2014. The table contains the data, as published by Deutsche Börse and authoritative are the weighting in the MDAX. In particular, the market capitalization is based only on the detected by Deutsche Börse free float, not the total number of shares. The market capitalization that is not here corresponds to the market value of all shares of the company, but only the market capitalization of the free float.

Since the MDAX is weighted by market capitalization, the weighting of individual stocks changes with each recalculation of the MDAX.