MG 14/40

MG 14/40 Saloon ( 1927)

The MG 14 /40 or MG 14/40 Mark IV was a mid-size car, the MG 1927 brought out as the successor of the MG 14/28. The based on the contemporary Morris Oxford and was built in Edmund Road, Cowley ( Oxfordshire ), while MG had moved in September 1927. It was the first model that wore the octagonal MG badge on the radiator; the predecessor still had the logo " Morris Oxford ". It originated about 700 copies. Successor was the MG 18 /80.

The name change from 14/28 to 14/40 had more marketing reasons. The reason for the name of 14/40 Mark IV ( Mark II and Mark III does not exist! ) Is not exactly known, but it is believed that they should show the fourth production year. From outside the different models look very similar.

There were some changes from the 14/28-Fahrgestell and the brake booster was omitted.