MG Q-Type

The MG Q -Type MG or QA was a racing car, the MG 1934 produced. The chassis was based on that of the K3 Magnette, but was narrower and had the axes of the NA / NE Magnette. The engine had the block of the PA / PB Midget, but a different crankshaft for a displacement of 746 cm ³, the stroke was reduced from 83 mm to 71 mm. There was also a Sprint version whose power 146 bhp reached (107 kW ), which is a specific power of almost 200 hp / ltr. corresponded. This then was the highest specific output of an engine in the world.

Probably only eight copies were made ​​( Sedgewick speaks of nine ), because the cars were with 550-650 pounds very expensive and the rigid axles had difficulties to cope with the engine power. The single-seat version achieved with George Harvey -Noble as a driver a lap speed of 195 km / h in Brooklands, the two-seater after all, still 192 km / h